Investigation on Policemen for killing two in Green Island shooting

Two men killed by police officers in the controversial shooting in the locality of Green Island, Hanover, on Tuesday, 04 June.

Camuto man suffers chopping attack for alleged sexual assault. Image Credit: WCNC
Camuto man suffers chopping attack for alleged sexual assault. Image Credit: WCNC

Jamaica: Two more individuals were killed by police officers in the shooting, this time taking place in the locality of Green Island, Hanover, on Tuesday, 04 June. The matter of controversial killings got elevated after the statement of residents, which referred to the act as police brutality. The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is investigating the encounter case and is finding hidden facts related to the incident.

The two individuals who lost their lives in the shooting by police officers in Green Island are identified as brothers, who were local residents. Green Island is a town in Jamaica located along the northwestern coast of the island in Hanover parish. Among the deceased, one was a 24-year-old man named Enrique Harvey, and the other was a 26-year-old man named Romaine Harvey.

As per the reports by the Independent Commission, the act of controversial killings by shooting in Green Island took place when the involved police officers were conducting a search of the house of Enrique Harvey. The incident got elevated after the killings when the statement recorded during the inquiries of the local people went against the police officers.

The responsible police officers mentioned in their statement that on the day of the act, the team was conducting a search of the house following their duty. It is mentioned that Enrique Harvey, to whom the house belonged, got armed with a gun and threatened the police officers. In response to the move by the man, officers also pulled out their service guns, and the encounter took place.

The statement also mentioned that while the police officers were retaliating against Enrique Harvey, Romaine Harvey also joined his brother. Romaine came running to the site with a firearm in his hand and launched firing against the on-duty lawmen. Both brothers got injured in the Green Island shooting with the police officers.

Subsequently, the injured brothers were taken to the hospital in the locality for treatment. However, none of them were able to survive the wounds and were declared dead by the medical staff officially. The information was passed to the authority, after which the investigation was initiated. The investigating officers seized two firearms from the shooting site of Green Island.

The inquiry was conducted in the locality to collect information related to the cross-firing between the deceased and the policemen. Throughout the statement, it was revealed that the two individuals were not criminals but were targeted by the responding officers. The locals mentioned the incident as police brutality, where officers intentionally killed two innocents against the law.

The Independent Commission officers were assigned to Investigate the case and conduct the proceedings while collecting the clues. The INDECOM members mentioned that in their investigation, they found that the cameras of responding police officers were missing at the time of the incident. there is no official recording record that raised suspicion about the intentions of the involved police officers.