Taxi driver remanded for larceny worth $700,000 in Spanish Town

An accused taxi driver presented in the parish court for hearing in the case of larceny from a wholesale liquor store in Spanish Town.

Taxi driver remanded for larceny worth $700,000 in Spanish Town. Image Credit: Daily Sun
Taxi driver remanded for larceny worth $700,000 in Spanish Town. Image Credit: Daily Sun

Jamaica: An accused male presented in the parish court of Saint Catherine for the hearing in the case of larceny of goods from a wholesale liquor store in Spanish Town on Tuesday, 04 June. The accused is a taxi driver by profession who was caught by the police department with liquor worth around seven hundred thousand dollars. The taxi driver claimed that he was not involved in the crime and he was not aware of the stolen goods in his vehicle.

The accused taxi driver is identified by his documented name called Delon Christie who was held for larceny in Spanish Town, a city of Jamaica located in Saint Catherine parish. It is said that the accused was with an individual who escaped from the police but Christie left behind. The driver was held with the stolen liquor by the police officers executing manhunt for the culprit.

As per the reports, the act of larceny in Spanish Town took place in the early dark of Tuesday, 28 May, around 02:30 am. The complaint was made by the owner of the wholesale liquor store about the forcible invasion of private property and larceny of goods along Old Harbour Road.

It is mentioned that on the night of the criminal act, the suspects entered while breaking inside the store. The owner of the liquor store declared that the store was completely locked by him before leaving the place. After getting forceful access to the place, the suspects stole the goods and left the place after loading them in a motor car.

Straight after knowing about the larceny in his store the owner filed a complaint to the police station of Spanish Town. In response to the report, the police officers on duty recorded the statement and alerted the police units in the area to catch the culprits with the stolen items.

Subsequently, a team of lawmen active in the locality along Valdez Road spotted the suspect motor car and intercepted it with the stolen liquor stock. The description was matched and the driver was held by the police officers. It is said that the motor vehicle was occupied by the two individuals among whom one managed to escape.

However, the stolen good was recovered, and the driver was taken into custody. The accused was laid with the charges for the offence of larceny. The date of appearance in the court was finalised, and the accused was presented for trial under laid charges. In the court, the attorney from the side of the accused pointed the driver as innocent.

The attorney of Delon Christie declared that the accused was not aware that the items in his vehicle were stolen. The man was also not aware that the other man who escaped the police was a criminal until the police arrested him that day. It was mentioned that the accused was just doing his job, he was hired by the culprit as he is a taxi driver, and he has nothing to do with Spanish Town larceny.

After hearing the arguments, Judge Alleyne of the parish court asked the police department to conduct further investigation into the case. The Clerk of Court is also ordered to focus on the investigation and to find the related facts relevant to the case. Till the next appearance, the accused will be kept under custody.