Three poisoned women saved in Siparia, investigation ongoing

Woman with her two daughters saved her life after allegedly getting poisoned in Siparia, after eating on Thursday, 25 April.

Three poisoned women saved in Siparia, investigation ongoing. Image Credit: The Conversation
Three poisoned women saved in Siparia, investigation ongoing. Image Credit: The Conversation

Trinidad and Tobago: A woman with her two teenage daughters saved her life after allegedly getting poisoned in Siparia. The incident was discovered when three victims suffered from health issues after eating their meals and were admitted to the hospital for treatment on Thursday, 25 April.

The poisoned victims of Siparia, a town in southwest Trinidad, are identified by the sources as per which the mother is 42 years old, whose documented name is Amoy Maneiro. Meanwhile, the other two teenage victims are a 17-year-old girl identified as Jewel Joseph and a 16-year-old girl, who is known as Miracle Joseph.

As per the reports, the incident of the three victims losing their health was reported after the dinner on the night of Wednesday, 24 April. At nearly 10:30 pm on the day, the mother with her two daughters had their meal, which included roast melongene and roti.

It is mentioned that a short time after they had their dinner, three of them started feeling uneasy. The health conditions of the three female victims started getting worse with moments as they experienced vomiting multiple times. They all were also suffering from stomach aches which made their situation critical.

It was observed that three of the women were experiencing similar health issues unexpectedly at the same time which raised their concerns. To get medical attention, the mother with her two daughters managed their way to the healthcare centre and arrived at the Siparia health facility.

As the date shifted to the next day, the medical staff of the Siparia Health Facility assisted the three women in critical condition after their arrival. The doctor on duty responded to the situation and examined the female patients. From here it was alleged that the women became victims of poisoning which left them in this condition.

However, the poisoned victims were treated in the Siparia Health Facility in the initial stage where the mother was reported in stable condition. After that, the two victim daughters were transferred for further required special treatment to the San Fernando General Hospital.

In the San Fernando General Hospital, two victims were admitted for better medical assistance. It was reported that among two sisters, Jewel Joseph was taken to the pediatric ward for medical care whereas another sister, Miracle Joseph was taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It is said the victim Miracle was in more critical condition.

The law enforcement department was involved in the case after the poisoned victims were examined in the Siparia Health Facility and were diagnosed with suspected poisoning. The information was passed to the law protecting authorities at nearly 2:16 am by a nurse on behalf of the healthcare facility.

A team of police officers on duty took charge after getting information about the suspected case of the poisoning of three women. The police officers arrived at the Healthcare facility after which the statements were recorded in relation to the case. The officers also took note of the doctor’s analysis after which the investigation was initiated.

The sources say the authorities are assuming that the three victims got organophosphate poisoning. It is said that this condition occurs due to the consumption of kind of chemical compounds that are used in insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides. These chemicals are also used in the manufacturing of solvents and plastics.

During the investigation process, the responding officers also searched the house of the victims and collected relevant samples that could carry traces of poison or could work as clues. The officers on duty collected the left-out samples of meals and drinks for tests that could contain poison.

As the case of poisoned victims of Siparia is under investigation process, the officers are looking for the reason behind the incident and also if it is an intentional act of crime.