Investigation is active on discovery of female dead body in Tobago

A dead body of 32-year-old woman was found in a precipice of Mount Saint George in Tobago on Saturday 04 May.

Investigation is active on discovery of female dead body in Tobago. Image Credit: Freepik
Investigation is active on discovery of female dead body in Tobago. Image Credit: Freepik

Trinidad and Tobago: The dead body of a 32-year-old woman was found by two common individuals in a precipice of Mount Saint George in Tobago. The dead lady was spotted on the morning of Saturday 04 May, around 10:50 am, in a semi-nude condition while walking from the locality.

As per the reports, the dead body of the victim woman was explored near the Saw Mill Trace in the precipice of Mount Saint George, a locality along the southern coast of Tobago island. The dead body of a woman was noticed down on the precipice by two individuals who were passing from the location while walking on foot along Saw Mill Trace.

At nearly 10:50 am, when the two people explored the body of the dead at the place, it was in a semi-nude condition. The individuals while passing something unusual at the place while walking, which they tried to explore and found that it was a human lying there. After taking a close look they found that it was a woman who was not alive anymore.

It is mentioned that the dead body of a woman was carrying many wounds while some bruises were on her face. The body was covered with a top of green colour and an underwear. The information was immediately given to the police department and were told about the discovery of the dead body of a woman in the location of Tobago.

The local police department answered the report and arrived at the mentioned precipice for the initial investigation. A team of officers on duty was assigned the responsibility of the case who took charge and noted the condition of the dead body after which the report was confirmed. The crime scene was taken under the seizure and the designated medical officer was summoned for further procedure.

The investigation officers continued with inquiries to collect the clues while searching the site for relevant evidence. While the designated medical officer took control of the dead body for examination after which he notified investigation officers about his observations. Currently, the reason behind the death of the deceased woman is not confirmed among the public.

Subsequently, the dead body was taken from the site of the discovery in Tobago for further proceedings. The dead body was shifted to the Scarborough General Hospital Mortuary from where it will be taken for autopsy and the reports will lead to giving direction to the case.

As the investigation in the case is going on, the police department identified the dead woman which is disclosed in the public domain. The 32-year-old woman was known by her documented name Shellon Walters Joseph. Shellon Walters Joseph lived in a residence of Mount Marie in Scarborough, a town of Tobago located in the southwestern part of the island.

Reportedly, it is the fourteenth case of murder in the island nation where a woman is a victim this year. The last such case was observed on Saturday, 20 April, in the locality of Tropical Angel Harps panyard in Enterprise, Chaguanas. In that case, a 40-year-old woman named Roxanne Heera was shot and killed with her 32-year-old boyfriend named Jeremiah Gibbons. The victim woman belonged to the neighbourhood of Gail Trace in Palmiste.