Guard to appear for $100k embezzlement in Manchester court

32-year-old security guard scheduled to appear in parish court of Manchester on 17 April in the case of embezzlement.

Security guard to appear for $100k embezzlement in Manchester court.
Security guard to appear for $100k embezzlement in Manchester court.

Jamaica: A 32-year-old accused security guard, of stealing a hundred thousand dollars, is scheduled to appear in the parish court of Manchester on Wednesday, 17 April, for the hearing in the case of embezzlement that took place last year. The incident was recorded in Mandeville on Tuesday, 28 November 2023.

As per the reports, the allegation was laid on the security guard for stealing money which was handed over to him by a customer for the purpose of depositing in the company vault. The accused is identified by the authorities with his documented name of Kareem Cunningham.

The culprit of embezzlement, Kareem Cunningham, worked as a security guard in the company along Main Street in Mandeville, a town in the Manchester parish of Jamaica. The accused man was commonly known among the people by his nickname Bredda.

It is mentioned in the reports related to the case that the incident took place in the month of November last year. The security guard was approached by a customer on the day at nearly 11:30 am, who handed over to him a sum amount of 227,652 dollars for deposit.

Allegedly, the security guard took out a hundred thousand dollars from the total amount that belonged to the customer and deposited 127,652 dollars only into the company vault. Eventually, the fraud was revealed by the customer and the company after communication.

Subsequently, a report was filed to the police department about the fraud by a security guard in Manchester parish, after which the investigation was launched in the case of embezzlement. It is also said that the accused man never went back to work after the day of fraud, which raised more suspicion on him.

The investigation in the case by the investigating officers of the law enforcement department led them to the arrest of the accused security guard on Friday, 4 April 2024. The culprit was booked by the police officers in Portmore, a town in the Saint Catherine parish of Jamaica, which is also the hometown of the suspect.

As per the sources, it is said that after the man was taken into custody by the police department, he accepted the offence committed by him. The caution statement was given by the security guard during the interrogation session.

After the proceedings, the accused security guard, Kareem Cunningham, was laid with charges related to the offences committed by him in the Manchester embezzlement case. Under the same allegation, the man will be taken in front of the judge in parish court on the scheduled date for hearing.