66 year old man remanded for assault in Saint Catherine court

66-year-old man remanded in parish court of Saint Catherine under charges of wounding and assault on Friday, 12 April.

Old man remanded for assault in Saint Catherine court.
Old man remanded for assault in Saint Catherine court.

Jamaica: A 66-year-old accused man is reported to be remanded in the parish court of Saint Catherine under the charges of wounding and assault against the accuser on Friday, 12 April.

The case of serious assault on the victim in Saint Catherine took place on the day of the new year, 01 January 2024, for which the suspect senior citizen was held by the police department.

As per the reports, there are two complaints filed against the accused man for the assault on the victim. The second attack was launched by the senior citizen on the date of 02 March, on Saturday.

It is mentioned that in the first attack by the accused man, the victim was burnt on the face. While in the second attempt, the accused attacked the victim with a machete and left him injured on the left hand by a chop.

Both of the incidents of wounding and assault were reported to the Saint Catherine police department respectively. The complaints by the accuser against the accused led to the arrest of the senior citizen.

The accused senior citizen was identified by the law enforcement agencies with the name of Mickel McTavish as per the document. The suspect, Mickel McTavish, belongs to Bog Walk, a town in Saint Catherine Parish.

After the thorough investigation and proceedings of interrogation after taking the accused into the custody, the old man was charged with related offences of assault he committed by the Saint Catherine police. Under the same laid charges the man was presented in the court for hearing.

It is said that the accused is ordered by the judge to appear in the court again on Tuesday, 16 April, for the further proceedings in the case.

The people of Jamaica in local communities are sharing their opinions on the case. They are saying, “Don’t know why authorities take criminals so lightly. Some works hard to arrest the culprit and others plays with the situation and take everything for granted. Like who is responsible for the second attack on the victim? Is it fine to just accuse the culprit for the second attack? This really brings the feeling of unsafety.”