68 aged shopkeeper killed in Sandy Bay shooting attack

A shooting attack killed 68-year-old senior citizen at his shop in Mount Pellier area of Sandy Bay on Sunday, 31 March.

Two brothers pronounced dead in Arima shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, Guyana Police Force
Two brothers pronounced dead in Arima shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, Guyana Police Force

Jamaica: An act of the fatal shooting attack reported on a 68-year-old senior citizen, who lost his life in firing by the unknown assailants at his shop in the Mount Pellier area of Sandy Bay, a town in the Hanover parish, on the night of Sunday, 31 March, around 8:05 pm.

The criminal act of the fatal shooting attack on the senior citizen of the Sandy Bay town of Hanover, a parish in the northwestern part of Jamaica, on the day while the victim was at his Mount Pellier shop and involved in his daily routine for earning.


The shooting incident was observed by the people nearby the locality who noticed the sound of firing from the direction of the shop of the victim. The residents went to the shop to take note of the incident where they found the injured victim on the ground, wounded by multiple gunshots.

The crime of shooting a man was reported to the law enforcement agency in response to which a team of police officers from the Hanover police department took action. No information about the suspect was provided as the involved culprits fled the site after the criminal act.

The investigation officers arrived at the mentioned locality of Sandy Bay, where they seized the area while confirming the report of shooting after finding the body of the injured victim at the place. The officers collected a firearm with multiple counts of ammunition at the site, which was seized.

In the investigation, the police disclosed the identity of the deceased senior citizen, who is documented with the name of Clinton Moodie, who was an owner of the shop and resident of Hanover. The victim, Clinton, was found lying on his back on the ground while bleeding from his wounds at the shooting site.

The injured senior citizen was taken to the hospital in the locality under medical observation for treatment. After the examination in the hospital by the on-duty medical staff, the man was observed to be not surviving and declared dead.

The police officers are continuing the exercises in the case of the Sandy Bay shooting case. The officers are tracing the clues involved in the crime while figuring out the reason for the attack and who is involved in it.