Wanted suspect of Kingston murder charged after surrender

29-year-old wanted suspect charged for murder in Kingston Saturday after his surrender to police department on Wednesday, 27 March.

Old man remanded for assault in Saint Catherine court.
Old man remanded for assault in Saint Catherine court.

Jamaica: A 29-year-old man, a wanted suspect charged in the case of murder in Kingston last year among three on Saturday, 30 March, after his surrender to the police department in the presence of his attorney when he got to know about his listing as a culprit on Wednesday, 27 March.

As per the sources, the suspect was charged under the offences of murder and related serious criminal acts committed by him including conspiracy to murder, possession of an illegal weapon, and use of a firearm to commit a crime. The two other suspects of the murder are also wanted among whom one is still out in the public.

The victim of the Kingston murder case was a 32-year-old man, named Cedric Thompson, who was a labourer by profession. As per the reports, the incident of murder took place on the day of 11 August 2023, when the victim was killed in his community by three suspects along Church Street in Fletcher’s Land of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

The suspect who surrendered in the Kingston murder case at the Half-Way Tree Police Station is disclosed to be Ashwane McKenzie. The other suspect who was established as the culprit of murder after an investigation was another man named Calvin Simon, while the identity of the third suspect is not confirmed yet, but he is said to be deceased.

The case of the murder was taken under the process of investigation by the police department after getting the information of the fatal criminal act by three in Kingston. The detectives of the law enforcement department went to the crime scene and confirmed the report of the murder case on the site.

After the investigation, the police department found the three mentioned suspects guilty of the murder of the man in Kingston after which they listed the suspects as wanted. Ashwane McKenzie after getting the update about his name on the wanted list of the police in the Kingston murder case, decided to surrender.

After the surrender, the suspect was interrogated by the officers after the charges were laid on him. As one of the three suspects is not alive, the police department released an appeal for Calvin Simon to surrender as his partner.