4 months jail for guilty bicycle bandit of Sangre Grande

32-year-old bicycle bandit ordered four months in prison for stealing a cell phone from a 16-year-old girl in Sangre Grande on 18 April.

4 months jail for guilty bicycle bandit of Sangre Grande.
4 months jail for guilty bicycle bandit of Sangre Grande.

Trinidad and Tobago: A 32-year-old male bicycle bandit after getting the verdict of being guilty ordered to spend four months in prison as punishment for the offence of stealing a cell phone from a 16-year-old girl in Sangre Grande. The accused was taken for a virtual appearance in the high court for a hearing in the case on Thursday, 18 April.

The culprit bicycle bandit is said to be a resident of a locality along Riley Road in Claxton Bay, a community along the western coast of Trinidad, and North Eastern Settlement in Sangre Grande. The man is known by his disclosed name of Kerlon Salina commonly while the documented name is Kerron Charles.

As per the reports, the incidents of the stealing act took place against the teenage girl on Friday, 12 April, while she was moving along the roadway on her foot at Graham Trace in Sangre Grande, a town in the northeastern part of Trinidad.

At nearly 3:15 pm on the day, while the teenage girl was on her way, she was accosted by a man suddenly who was on a bicycle. The man was the accused suspect of the case Kerron Charles. The suspect grabbed the smartphone of the victim girl, which was a Samsung A03 phone, and committed an offence to steal it.

After observing the sudden act of stealing against her, the victim girl raised an alarm for help from the people present at the location. The people at the site intervened and assisted the teenage girl in the situation after that a report was filed against the bandit of Sangre Grande at the police station.

Subsequently, the police officers on duty recorded the statement of the victim girl related to the incident and started with the proceedings of the investigation. The operation to catch the suspect was launched which led to the arrest of the suspect eventually.

The bandit was arrested with the efforts of the police officers from the Sangre Grande Criminal Investigations Department (CID) under the guidance of PC Samuel on Monday, 15 April. PC Samuel was the main investigating officer in the case who took charge and held the suspect.

The charges on the suspect were laid by the police department on Tuesday, 16 April after the process of interrogation for the committed offences on the day. Under the same charges, the bandit was scheduled for an appearance in front of Master Margaret Sookraj Gowsami. The case went against the suspect after the hearing and he was sentenced to imprisonment.