Two men injured in Mount Grace shooting attack

Two individuals faced a shooting attack that left them injured in Mount Grace, Tobago by masked assailants on 15 April.

Two men injured in Mount Grace shooting attack. Image Credit: Facebook, azfamily 3TV CBS 5
Two men injured in Mount Grace shooting attack. Image Credit: Facebook, azfamily 3TV CBS 5

Trinidad and Tobago: Two individuals, among whom one is a teenager, faced a shooting attack that left them injured in a location of Mount Grace in Tobago by masked assailants. The criminal act was recorded against the victim on the night of Monday, 15 April, around 10:00 pm.

In the shooting attack in Mount Grace, a locality in the western part of Tobago island, the two victims who got injured are identified by their age, while the other information about them is still not confirmed. Among the victims, one was a 33-year-old man with another teenage man, who was 19 years old.

As per the reports, the shooting attack on the victim happened on the day by unknown assailants on the day when both were liming at the locality in the vicinity of a Community Centre of Mount Grace. While they were present at the location, a car approached them, which was a Toyota Aqua motor car of silver color.

At nearly 10:00 pm, two men were occupying the motor car which arrived at the place where the victims were liming. It is said that one of the two assailants was armed with a lethal weapon.

The armed assailant went out of the vehicle and unexpectedly launched a fire in the direction of the victim while the other suspect was still inside the car. The report says that the suspects were covering their faces with masks to protect their identity.

Immediately after the shooting attack on the victims which left them injured on the spot, the unknown assailants fled from the crime scene in their motor vehicle. It is mentioned that, during the firing, the victims observed the threat to their lives and attempted to escape from the place but failed to save themselves from injuries.

The information on the criminal act of shooting on the victims in Mount Grace was passed to the law enforcement unit. In response, quick action was taken by the police department and a team of officers went to the crime site for the initial proceedings.

At the crime scene, the injured victims of the shooting were found bleeding. The 33-year-old victim was observed with the wound of gunshot on his back while the 19-year-old teenager was wounded by shots at his buttocks and lower abdomen.

With the help of the emergency health services, both the victims of the Mount Grace shooting were taken to the Scarborough General Hospital under medical observation. In the hospital, they were attended by the medical staff and treated for their injuries. Both were reported to be in stable condition.

The police officers from the Emergency Response Unit, the Scarborough Criminal Investigation Department, and the Tobago Divisional Task Force took charge of the shooting case. The teams of the officers went to the crime scene for the investigation and collected spent shells of 9 mm after seizing the place. The inquiries in the case are ongoing.