Man held with firearm and ammunition in Port of Spain

Police department arrested a man with possession of a firearm in Port of Spain during a crime eradication exercise on Saturday, 13 April.

Man held with firearm and ammunition in Port of Spain.
Man held with firearm and ammunition in Port of Spain.

Trinidad and Tobago: The law enforcement department of the twin island nation Trinidad and Tobago revealed the arrest of a man with the possession of a firearm in Port of Spain. The incident took place during a crime eradication exercise conducted by a team of police officers on the evening of Saturday, 13 April, around 5:00 pm.

In the information provided by the authorities, the action was taken by a group of officers from the Inter-Agency Task Force. The exercise led to the seizure of an unauthorized firearm with a quantity of ammunition in the locality of Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

As per the reports, the group of officers on duty took charge to the intended locality of Lodge Place along East Dry River in the city on the day at nearly 5:00 pm. After arriving at the targeted site, the officers spotted a man raising suspicion.

It is mentioned that the suspected man was running while possessing a firearm in his hand, leading to fear among common people in the public place. The police officers attempted to take control of the situation and raised a call for the suspect to stop and surrender.

However, the man refused to obey the order given by the police officers and retaliated against them by pointing the gun in their direction. In response, the police officers discharged their service guns to protect themselves and to take control of the suspect.

The law enforcement authorities mentioned that the action taken by the officers on the site during the encounter was under the Use of Force Policy. After the police officers pointed their firearms in the direction of the suspect, the man allegedly threw the firearm possessed by him and attempted to escape the place.

Anyhow, the suspect was held by the officers after a little chase at a short distance away. The man was immediately taken under arrest by the officers and transferred into custody subsequently. The officers seized the firearm from the site, which was a Glock pistol. The gun was containing a magazine loaded with six counts of ammunition.

Further proceedings are underway by the law enforcement department while the accused man is under interrogation. It is expected that the man will be charged with the related crimes committed by him on the day including the offences of possessing a firearm and ammunition without any permission.

The local people of the nation and Port of Spain are sharing their views in the case of seizing a firearm and ammunition by the police. People are saying, “That is what the LAW abiding citizen like to see when police officers doing their job to bring the country to peace.”