One man injured in Freeport fire incident, 3 houses destroyed

A fire caused by to burning of trash led to an injury with destruction of three houses in Freeport on Sunday, 14 April.

One man injured in Freeport fire incident, 3 houses destroyed.
One man injured in Freeport fire incident, 3 houses destroyed.

Trinidad and Tobago: A fire caused by to burning of trash led to an injury with the destruction of three houses on Maraj Avenue along Mission Road in Freeport on Sunday, 14 April, around 10:30 am. In the incident of fire, a pet dog with six motor vehicles was also lost.

As per the sources, the reason behind the fire is said to be a resident of the neighbourhood who was burning his trash. The man was burning his trash near a bamboo grove which also caught the flames and ignited the fire.

At nearly 10:30 am on the day, the fire started spreading in the neighbourhood and reached the first house within some moments. The residence was occupied by two individuals who are identified as a 63-year-old man named Rory Rampersad, while the other was his son Richard Rampersad, a 36-year-old man.

The situation slowly got elevated and the fire blaze covered the entire house of Freeport while the occupants were still in the house unaware of the incident. the fire with the house also captured their auto body garage where motor vehicles were parked.

Subsequently, the fire also captured other houses in the neighborhood among which one was occupied by a resident named Geeta Rajkumar, a 54-year-old woman with her grandson named Ricardo Rampersad, a 12-year-old kid.

The third house which got engulfed in the fire was also occupied by the two residents at the time who was a 78-year-old female senior citizen, identified as Meena Omardath with Chandradath Omardath.

As the fire took over the three houses one by one, the other neighbour of the locality was alerted and they tried to rescue. The incident was immediately reported to the fire department to receive help in the rescue.

The fire department after receiving the report of the fire in an area of Freeport took instant action and arrived at the mentioned location with all the necessary equipment for safety. After the arrival, the firefighters took charge and started the rescue mission. The effort to take control of the fire was also parallelly initiated.

After some moments, the fire department was able to extinguish the fire with the help of four fire tenders. In the fire, all three houses were destroyed with the home inventories and other items. In the unfortunate incident, a pet dog named Rex also lost his life.

It is said that the fire blaze also destroyed six motor vehicles of the residents in the incident. However, all the occupiers of the houses were able to survive the fire without any harm. Only one injury was reported in the case that was of Rory Rampersad.

The injured victim of the Freeport house fire, Rory Rampersad, was transferred to the Couva District Health Facility for medical attention and treatment. The victim man after the examination was reported to be out of threat and eventually got treated for the injuries. Afterwards, the police department got involved in the case and investigating the incident which can be a criminal act.