Saint Catherine taxi operator booked for murder of security guard

35-year-old taxi operator charged in the case of murder of a 33-year-old security guard in Saint Catherine on Wednesday, 22 May.

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Kingston: Burger King employees freed in $10 million fraud case. Image Credit: Pannu Lawyers

Jamaica: A 35-year-old accused man charged in the case of murder of a 33-year-old man in Saint Catherine. The case was initiated after a buried dead body of the victim was found shallow grave. The accused was found culprit in the case after which he was booked by the police department on Wednesday, 22 May.

The accused man is identified in the reports by his commonly known name Chris. The documented name of the suspect is Paul Drummond, who is a taxi operator by profession. On the other hand, the deceased victim of the murder case is identified as a local man who worked as a security guard and lived in the neighbourhood of Frazer’s Content in Saint Catherine. Saint Catherine is a parish located in the southeastern landmass of Jamaica Island.

As per the information out about the incident, the Saint Catherine murder case is rooted from the beginning of May month. It is claimed that the victim was last seen by the people of his community on Wednesday, 01 May. At nearly 08:00 pm, the victim was alive when he went out and never came back after which a missing report was also filed in the police station.

The investigating officers from the local police station took the charge in response to the missing report of a man in the locality. The investigation led the responding team of police officers to the finding of the dead body of the victim. The dead body of the victim security guard was found buried in a shallow grave which came out and was found on Thursday, 09 May.

Subsequently, the missing case was turned into a murder case after the finding of a dead body in the locality of Saint Catherine. The investigation was launched in that direction and the officers started an exercise to catch the culprit. The investigation helped the officers to collect evidence which directed them to the taxi operator as the culprit.

The police officers arrested the accused taxi operator after which he was taken into custody. The accused was charged with offences in the murder case including misprision of felony. Under the same charges, the suspect is scheduled to present in the court of trial. The accused is expected to be taken to the front of the court soon.