Police held one with 100+ ammunition and firearm in Hopewell

Police seized more than a hundred counts of ammunition of different calibres with an illegal firearm in Hopewell on 21 April.

Police held one with 100+ ammunition and firearm in Hopewell.
Police held one with 100+ ammunition and firearm in Hopewell.

Jamaica: The parish branch of the police department of Jamaica seized more than a hundred counts of ammunition of different calibers with an illegal firearm in Hopewell. The police officers also held a man for the possession of illegal items during an operation on the morning of Sunday, 21 April, around 8:45 am.

As per the reports, the action against crime in Hopewell was taken by a team of officers from the Hanover police department, which led to the sizer of ammunition and a firearm. The operation was launched by law enforcement on the information led by intelligence in the locality of Gravel Lane in Hopewell, a village in the northern part of Hanover parish of Jamaica.

At nearly 8:45 am on the day, a team of assigned police officers took charge in the targeted locality along the Gravel Lane. The police officers took the first step toward a premise at the place and conducted a search. The initial search left the police officers with findings of nothing illegal.

After that, it is said the police officers proceeded further with the search operation and headed towards the back of the premises in an open lot. It is mentioned in the reports that at the place the police officers on duty found a knapsack.

The investigation officers on the operation collected the knapsack and examined it which led them to the finding of illegal items in it. The knapsack was carrying several rounds of ammunition which counted to be more than one hundred.

In the anti-crime operation, the police department declared the seizure of a firearm, which was a Glock 19 pistol from the knapsack. The Hopewell exercise led to the findings of one hundred and twenty two ammunition of 5.56 calibre and two counts of 9 mm ammunition with five Glock magazines and two magazines of 5.56 cartridges.

Reportedly, the police officers found a man at the premises during the search operation who was arrested instantly after the illegal findings and taken into custody. The suspect is held under the accusation of the possession of illegal ammunition and a firearm in Hopewell. The further investigation is still under the process by the law enforcement authorities.

The people said on the Hopewell case, “Generation 5 manufacture, Glock 19 model, 9 MM calibre. Purchased on the civilian American market within the last 2 years. Gun control doesn’t work to lower crime it only helps criminals and crooked politicians have power over the law abiding.”