Investigation department launches murder probe in Spanish Town

Saint Catherine Police launched a murder probe in Spanish Town in case related to murder by shooting on 20 April.

Investigation department launched a murder probe in Spanish Town.
Investigation department launched a murder probe in Spanish Town.

Jamaica: The investigation department of the Saint Catherine North Police Division of Jamaica Constabulary Force launched a murder probe in Spanish Town. The case is related to the murder of a man who lost his life in a fatal shooting on the night of Saturday, 20 April, around 10:50 pm.

As per the reports in the murder case, the criminal act of the lethal shooting ON the victim took place on the day while the victim man was out in the neighbourhood of Spanish Town, the capital of the Saint Catherine parish of Jamaica.

At nearly 10:50 pm, the victim was approached by the unknown assailant, who was armed with lethal weapons. The victim was ambushed by the unknown culprits along Saint John’s Road, the way on which the man was travelling.

As per the recorded statements of the residents of the locality, loud explosions of the shooting surrounded the area which was heard by the locals. The sudden sounds alerted the residents who went out for an investigation to find the reason for the incident.

Subsequently, the victim of the fatal shooting was found on the roadway who was bleeding from his wounds of the gunshots. The information about the shooting incident in Spanish Town was passed to the local police department of the division, which later turned into a murder case.

A team of investigation officers from the police department took charge of the information of the shooting crime in the reason and went to the mentioned site quickly in response. After the arrival at the crime scene, the police officers on duty spotted the wounded body of the victim lying in a passageway.

Without wasting any time further, the victim was assisted to the Spanish Town Hospital for medical attention to save his life. Anyhow, the victim was not able to survive the life-threatening injuries and was pronounced dead by the medical staff on duty after the examination.

In the examination of the dead body of the victim of the Spanish Town murder case, it was reported that the man suffered a shooting attack on his upper body. The attack caused damage to his vital organs which became the prime reason for his death.

In the police investigation, the man was identified and disclosed to the public with the name of Garfene Edwards as per his documents. The deceased victim belonged to the Newland district of Portmore town in Saint Catherine, a parish in the southeastern part of Jamaica.

The police officers are continuing with the investigation in the case and the inquiries are also being conducted. The officer also took control of the motor vehicle found on the roadway during the time of the murder incident which belonged to the victim. The reason behind the fatal attack on the victim is still a matter of investigation while the suspects are also unidentified and out in the public.