Jamaica businessman held in Panama for fraud, deported

52-year-old businessman ordered to appear in Court on 19 April after he was arrested on from Panama on Saturday, 13 April.

Matura police held 5 with $100 forged bank notes.
Matura police held 5 with $100 forged bank notes.

Jamaica: A 52-year-old businessman was ordered to appear in the Kingston and Saint Andrew Parish Court for a hearing on Friday, 19 April, in the case of fraud related to the failed delivery of imported motor vehicles. The accused businessman was arrested on an INTERPOL Red Notice from Panama on Saturday, 13 April.

The case was registered against the Jamaica businessman who was accused of fleeing from the land of Jamaica after he failed to deliver the promised vehicle to the customers under the deal in 2022. The accused is identified with the name Elvis Jones as documented, who belongs to Portmore, a town in Saint Catherine parish of Jamaica.

The suspected businessman was caught in Panama and deported back to his homeland of Jamaica and handed over to authorities for criminal proceedings. The action was completed with the involvement of INTERPOL. The man was laid with the charges under the related offences committed by him on Monday, 15 April.

As per the reports, the allegations on the man are of not delivering promised motor vehicles as per the deal under the declared time duration. It is mentioned that the accused businessman was in deals with two different customers to provide imported motor cars of particularly demanded models.

Reportedly, one deal was signed in the month of March 2022 which was to deliver a 2016 Subaru Impreza motor car and another was in the month of August 2022 to provide a 2013 Toyota Aphard minivan respectively.

As per the information provided by the police department, the motor cars were said to be imported from Japan. The customers also made an advance payment for the deal with the businessman under the condition that delivery of the vehicles to be done within four weeks.

However, the offence took place after the condition of the deal was breached by the businessman as he failed to provide the customers with their booked vehicles on time. After not receiving any response from the accused, the customers made the report to the police department and sought help in the fraud case.

The police department registered the case and looked over all the documents as proof related to the deal after which the investigation was launched. In the investigation, it was found that the businessman was missing as he left Jamaica and fled after the offence.

As the accused businessman left the nation of Jamaica, the case went out of the authority of the national police unit and INTERPOL was involved in the matter. After an in-depth investigation, the law enforcement authorities traced the suspect in the nation of Panama.

The red notice by the INTERPOL for the wanted person added the name of the accused businessman. Subsequently, the accused man was finally caught and handed over to the authorities of Jamaica under the protocols for further proceedings as per the national law.