Pensioner woman set on fire by suspects during Piarco robbery

66-year-old pensioner woman physically assaulted during a robbery at her home in Piarco on Saturday, 04 May.

Pensioner woman set on fire by suspects during Piarco robbery. Image Credit: Stuart Miller Solicitors
Pensioner woman set on fire by suspects during Piarco robbery. Image Credit: Stuart Miller Solicitors

Trinidad and Tobago: A 66-year-old pensioner woman became a victim of physical assault during a robbery attempt at her home in Piarco. The old woman was set on fire by the unknown assailants after looting an amount of four thousand and three hundred dollars on Saturday, 04 May, around 01:30 pm.

The robbery and physical assault victim old woman is a resident of the neighbourhood located along Kelly Street in Piarco. Piarco is a town of Trinidad located in the north of the island. The incident was recorded at her home while the old lady was present there at the time.

As per the reports, the act of robbery and physical assault on a female senior citizen in Piarco was conducted by the four suspects among whom one was a woman. It us said that the unknown assailants forcefully entered inside the house of the victim lady after which the criminal act was conducted.

At nearly 01:30 pm, while the victim pensioner was at her home a motor vehicle of black colour arrived at the place and stopped in front of the main entry of the house. It is mentioned that two individuals came out of the motor vehicle and raised a call to the occupants of the house. After hearing the call, the old woman came out of the house to check who is not the gate.

The old lady after coming out saw a man and a woman standing in front of the house to collect some information. After an inquiry it was situated that the both of them were looking for a place of rent. Suddenly, as the old lady came near the gate, the woman pulled out a gun ad pointed it towards the victim while threatening her for life.

Subsequently, the suspect announced the robbery and forced their way inside the house of the old lady. Two other men who were waiting inside the motor vehicle also came out of the car and got inside the house. After the home invasion by four suspects, their intention were very clear to loot the place as they ordered the old lady to hand over everything of value she had.

In order to conduct a successful robbery in the Piarco house, the suspect ransacked entire place to find every valuable items they can collect. The old lady reportedly resisted against the suspect for which she was physically assaulted by the assailants. Anyhow, the suspects took an amount of around four thousand and three hundred dollars in cash with which they fled from the scene.

Reportedly, while escaping from the place of crime, one of the male assailants threw a flammable liquid on the chest of the female senior citizen. Straight after the old lady was set on fire by the suspect and left for dying.

The old woman started screaming loud while capture in fire which was heard by the local people living in the neighbourhood. The residents of the locality spotted the victim lady and came for the rescue and contacted the emergency health services. The injured woman was taken foe the treatment to the Arima Health Facility. The police was involved in the case after which the investigation was launched under the guidance of PC Ifill.