Man suffers chopping attack by a gang in Chaguanas

33-year-old man was left injured with several blows after a chopping attack near Price Plaza in Chaguanas on Tuesday, 07 May.

Man suffers chopping attack by a gang in Chaguanas. Image Credit: News Room Guyana
Man suffers chopping attack by a gang in Chaguanas. Image Credit: News Room Guyana

Trinidad and Tobago: A 33-year-old man was left injured with several blows after a chopping attack near Price Plaza in Chaguanas. The crime was conducted by multiple suspects as per the statement of a security guard in the early dark of Tuesday, 07 May, around 01:45 am.

As per the reports, the incident of the chopping attack against the victim took place on the day while he was on a roadway in the locality near Price Plaza in Chaguanas. Chaguanas is a village of Trinidad which is situated on the central west part of the island.

It is mentioned in the reports that the criminal act of violence against the victim was witnessed by a security guard. The security guard was on duty at night when the criminal act took place in the locality. The security guard was serving his duty to guard the property of Price Plaza when he spotted the victim man getting attacked.

As per the statement given by the security guard of Price Plaza, when he was active on his duty, he heard a loud screaming sound of a man from nearby the place asking for help. Due to the scream, the guard got concerned and went ahead to check the reason. At a distance, he noticed that a man was running along the roadway while a motor vehicle, which was a van of grey colour, was chasing him.

At nearly 1:45 am, when the victim was ambushed by the occupants of the van in the way. It is said that a group of several assailants came out of the vehicle who charged aggressively on the victim. All the suspects were armed with cutlasses with which they attacked the victim and launched several chopping blows over his body.

The crime was observed by the security guard from a distance who instantly raised an alarm in order to save the victim. Due to interference from the security guard, the armed assailants left the victim in injured condition and fled from the crime scene while reentering the grey van. It is said that the intention of the assailants was to kill the victim which they failed due to the approach of the security guard at the right time.

Subsequently, after the suspect left the place, the injured victim was assisted by the security guard who then contacted the police department and informed them about the incident of a chopping attack on the man at an address in Chaguanas. The emergency health service was also notified about the situation to get medical facilities.

The law enforcement department took charge actively into the matter after receiving the information about the criminal act. A party of police officers on duty was assigned the task who made their way to the locality near Price Plaza and seized the crime scene for the initial investigation process. After the arrival, the responding police officers collected all the information about the crime after which the report was confirmed and the operation was launched.

The injured victim of the chopping attack was assisted to the Chaguanas District Health Facility for medical help and treatment. In the hospital, the victim was admitted for treatment after medical staff assisted him and examined the wounds. It is reported that the man is treated for his injuries and is now in stabilised condition. The man was transferred for further medical assistance to Mt Hope Hospital. Meanwhile, the police operations are active under the guidance of PC Rampersad to find the culprits.