Decomposing dead body of UK national found in Caroni

58-year-old man of the United Kingdom (UK) was found dead in a decomposing state in Caroni on Wednesday, 10 April.

Santa Cruz: Unidentified dead man found in decomposing stage.
Santa Cruz: Unidentified dead man found in decomposing stage.

Trinidad and Tobago: A 58-year-old man was found dead by the law enforcement department in a decomposing state in Caroni, who was revealed to be a national of the United Kingdom (UK), on the afternoon of Wednesday, 10 April, around 12:50 pm.

The report says that the information about the dead man of United Kingdom (UK) was passed by the local residents in the area of Caroni, a county in the northwestern part of Trinidad, to the police officers after which the responsible team took action to make the discovery.

As per the reports, the people in the neighbourhood observed a foul smell in the locality which raised their suspicion, and the report was made to the local police station. After receiving the information, a team of investigating officers under the leadership of CPL Singh visited the mentioned address.

At nearly 12:50 pm, the police officers confirmed the report after arriving at the location and started their search for the reason and source of the unbearable smell. During the search, the on-duty officers searched an apartment that belonged to the deceased, where they found the dead man.

It is said that the body was in the advanced state of decomposition which denoted that death took respectively a long time from the day of reveal. The designated medical officer was summoned after seizing the apartment for the initial investigation.

The dead body found in Caroni was disclosed to be of the owner of the place named Eric Mclean, who was a United Kingdom (UK) national and lived along Tottenham Lane in Kelly Village where Caroni county is situated.

The body of the dead was taken to the forensic science centre for the proceedings of post-mortem after the designated medical officer made his pronouncement after the examination of the body. The investigation is ongoing by the police department under the guidance of WPC Ramoutar.

One more dead body was found by the police department on Tuesday, 9 April, around 3:00 pm along Ragoonanan Road. The incident was revealed after the police department received information from the people passing by.

The action was taken by CPL Khan with a team of police officers from the central division and the homicide bureau with a designated medical officer. The investigation is under process where officers trying to identify the deceased who is still unknown.