Couple held for marijuana plantation in Moruga

Police booked a man with his girlfriend for possessing and cultivating marijuana during an anti-crime exercise in Moruga on 11 April.

Man with girlfriend held for marijuana plantation in Moruga.
Man with girlfriend held for marijuana plantation in Moruga.

Trinidad and Tobago: The police department of Trinidad and Tobago booked a man and his girlfriend for possessing and cultivating marijuana illegally during an anti-crime exercise in Moruga. The culprits were held in a house in the locality along La Lune Road on Thursday, 11 April.

The crime eradication operation was conducted jointly by a team of police officers from officers from Moruga police station, the Canine Branch, the Southern Division Task Force area east, and the Princes Town municipal police station.

The charge was taken by the law protection authorities on the basis of information about criminal activity in the area of Moruga, a village on the southern coast of Trinidad. The operation in Moruga went long from 2:00 am to 9:00 am on the day which led to the revelation of the marijuana plantation.

As per the sources, the police officers on duty took the lead in the area along La Lune Road and searched a residence in the locality. In the house, investigating officers discovered a bag of plastic, which was found to be filled with marijuana weighing around 220 grams.

The plastic bag also contained some pots and setting trays that were used for the plantation. As the search proceeded further, the officers revealed some containers with young plants of the genus cannabis which were around 165 in count inside a room.

Reportedly, the house was used as a made-up farm where conditions were created artificially to grow plants. It is said that the room contained paraphernalia that was used to grow the plants, which also helped in curing and drying the plantation.

It is mentioned that the place was laced with fine equipment of in-house plantation including portable air-conditioning units, LED lights, a surge protector, a hygrometer, an in-line fan with hose and filter with a duct fan, and tubes for ventilation.

As a result, the police officers followed the protocols and seized the entire place involved in criminal activity, after which they arrested two occupiers of the property. The accused man of Moruga and his girlfriend were taken into custody for the process of laying charges for the related offence of possessing and growing marijuana.

Other than this, the police officers, under the guidance of ASP Guzman searched three other residences also to reveal the illegal possession such as firearms and ammunition, but no findings were reported. The action was taken in two locality houses along La Ruffin Road and one along Samuel Lawrence Street in Gran Chemin.