Two booked in Trinidad with $2M worth narcotics and illegal firearm

Trinidad police launched multiple crime eradication exercises in western division which led to seizure of narcotics valued $2M on 10 April.

Two booked in Trinidad with $2M narcotics and illegal firearm. Image Credit: Facebook, 13 WHAM ABC
Two booked in Trinidad with $2M narcotics and illegal firearm. Image Credit: Facebook, 13 WHAM ABC

Trinidad and Tobago: The law protection authorities of Trinidad and Tobago launched multiple crime eradication exercises in the western division of Trinidad which led them to the seizure of narcotics valued at around two million dollars with illegal ammunition and a firearm. The operations resulted in the authorities’ arrest of two culprits involved in the crimes on Wednesday, 10 April.

As per the information provided by authorities, the first crime eradication exercise in Trinidad was conducted by the officers from the Western Division Task Force on the day, which led to the revelation of an amount of narcotics.

The action was taken by the officers in between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm on the day after receiving an alert about a suspicious motor vehicle heading toward the east direction along the Audrey Jeffers Highway. The officers took charge of the intelligence-based information on the vehicles carrying illegal firearms.

The suspected vehicle was intercepted by a team of police officers in action near the Hasely Crawford Stadium along the highway. The investigating officers took control of the vehicle and conducted a thorough search, which revealed a quantity of narcotics weighed around five hundred twenty grams.

The value of the collected narcotics from the vehicle was estimated to be 68,640 dollars on the streets. The man driving the suspected vehicle was arrested on the spot by the officers in the case of possessing narcotics. Subsequently, the officers continued the investigation after collecting more information.

A team of law protection officers searched and revealed more hidden narcotics in a locality near Paragon Bay in Westmoorings, a suburb in the northwestern part of Trinidad. After conducting an extensive search, the police officers found two rectangular packages wrapped in brown tape in the bushy area.

After the examination of the packages, the investigating officers discovered narcotics weighing around eleven hundred forty grams. The amount of narcotics was seized and estimated to be around 150,480 dollars in street value.

Other than narcotics seizure, the other crime eradication operation in Trinidad was conducted jointly by the officers of the Western Division Gang Unit and the Western Division Task Force on the same day. The action was taken by the police officers in the areas along Wilson Road, Four Roads, and Diego Martin.

It is mentioned that the officers on duty went to the vicinity of a Mosque where they found illegal possessions. The police officers revealed an unauthorised firearm which was a Glock 17 pistol loaded with seventeen counts of bullets of nine mm.

It is mentioned in the reports that the illegal possession was with a man at the place who got arrested and taken into custody for the offences committed by him. Currently, the accused men are in the process of interrogation in their respective cases. The inquiry is ongoing and the police department is tracing the connection between the culprits and illegal findings with other criminal activities hidden in the nation.