21-year-old gang member killed in Maracas shooting

21-year-old man was killed in a shooting attack in the locality of Maracas in Saint Joseph by two unknown assailants on 26 May.

21-year-old gang member killed in Maracas shooting. Image Credit: WNCT
21-year-old gang member killed in Maracas shooting. Image Credit: WNCT

Trinidad and Tobago: A 21-year-old man, who is alleged to be a member of a gang, was killed in a shooting in the locality of Maracas in Saint Joseph. The fatal act was executed by two unknown assailants in the neighbourhood of the victim on the evening of Sunday, 26 May, around 04:00 pm.

The deceased man who was declared dead after the shooting in Maracas is identified by the sources by his known name Isaiah Dennis. It is disclosed that the man was a resident of Center Trace in La Seiva Village in Maracas, Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is a town of Trinidad situated in the northwestern landmass of the island.

As per the information out by the sources, it is noted that the dead man was a member of the Resistance Gang. It is assumed that the reason behind the death of the victim can be a tussle with another criminal group in the region. It is said that the victim was ambushed by two suspects who shot him on the spot which led to his murder.

At nearly 04:00 pm on the day of the incident, the victim was out in the neighbourhood walking along the roadway. The two suspects who were handling guns with them, suddenly arrived at the location and approached the victim. The suspects immediately pulled the trigger while pointing the gunpoint in the direction of the victim.

Straight after the shooting attack, the suspect fled from the crime scene along the neighbourhood of Center Trace, Maracas. The victim was left injured on the site who was rescued by the local people near the site. The people gathered at the place after hearing the loud sound of the shooting.

The people saw the victim lying in the pool of blood flowing from his gunshot wounds. The law enforcement department and the emergency health services were informed about the case to receive help. However, when the help arrived at the crime scene, the victim was already dead.

Subsequently, a party of officers from the Saint Joseph Police Station made their way to the mentioned address of the crime scene after receiving the report. At the crime scene, police officers examined the dead body of the victim and confirmed the report. The scene of the shooting in Maracas was seized to collect the evidence without ruining it.

Reportedly, the investigating team of police officers collected four spent shells of 9 mm ammunition from the crime scene. The lawmen are conducting inquiries to collect information that could help in finding the culprits of the murder and the reason behind it. The actions are taken in the case under the leadership of PC Haradath.