Belmont shooting killed one innocent and left one injured

Two men became the victims fatal shooting attack by four armed assailants among whomw onbew died in Belmont 25 May.

Belmont shooting killed one innocent and left one injured. Image Credit: The Week
Belmont shooting killed one innocent and left one injured. Image Credit: The Week

Trinidad and Tobago: An incident of fatal shooting attack by four armed assailants was reported in the area of Mc Kai Lands in Belmont, Port of Spain. In the criminal act, two men became the victims of the incident among whom one lost his life and the other left injured on the noon of Saturday, 25 May, around 11:00 am.

In the reports of the criminal act in Belmont, the deceased victim of the fatal shooting incident is identified among the people with his common name of Speedy. The official name of the victim was Nigel Williams. Whereas, the injured victim of the shooting is known as Akeil Saint Hillaire.

Both of the victim belong to Mc Kai Lands in Belmont, a suburb of Port of Spain. Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. The life-taking attack took place on the day while both victims were present at a job site locality in the region.

As per the sources, the victims of the fatal shooting of Belmont were present with a group of people in the locality when the assailants arrived at the place. It is said that the assailants came approached the group of individuals in an aggressive manner in a motor vehicle of blue colour, which was a wagon with registration number PDE 289.

It is mentioned that the motor vehicle was occupied by four suspects who were handling rifles with them. The armed assailants emerged out of the motor car and targeted the group of individuals with their lethal firearms. As they launched a sudden shooting attack, the individual started running to save their lives.

However, among the group, two individuals were not able to escape the situation and got hit by the bullets and left injured on the crime site. The victim, Williams, lost his life right on the spot after the shooting while the other injured man was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital. The injured man was attended by the doctor and treated for his injuries.

The officers from the law enforcement department made their way to the crime scene after they received the information about the shooting in Belmont. The suspect were already out of the place after unlawful activity in their vehicle. The investigating police officers took the locality under control and conducted initial investigation and inquiries from the people around.

The designated medical officer who arrived at the site with police officers examined the dead body of the victim and made his pronouncement. Straight after, the dead body was assisted away from the site of the shooting and was taken for further proceedings of post-mortem.

The investigation and inquiries are ongoing under the guidance of WPC Aleong and PC Cromwell. The team of assigned lawmen seized shells of spent bullets in the shooting of Belmont. Police officers recovered twenty-seven shells of 5.56 mm ammunition, nineteen shells of 7.63 mm ammunition, and two fragments.