Saint Madeleine murder accused released amid investigation

53-year-old woman, accused in the case of the murder of her husband in Saint Madeleine has been released without any charges.

Saint Madeleine murder accused wife released amid investigation. Image Credit: Britannica
Saint Madeleine murder accused wife released amid investigation. Image Credit: Britannica

Trinidad and Tobago: A 53-year-old woman, accused in the case of the murder of her husband by stabbing at their home in Saint Madeleine, has been released. The suspect relaxed from police custody on Tuesday, 02 July, without any charges, while the investigation is still active. The fatal incident of stabbing was recorded on the evening of Monday, 24 June, around 07:00 pm, which took place after an argument over the drinking habits of the man.

The deceased victim of the murder case by stabbing is identified as a 57-year-old man, who was a local resident of a settlement in the Saint Madeleine town of Trinidad. The reports mentioned the dead man as Gary Balgobin, which was his officially documented name. Gary Balgobin was the father of five and also the grandfather of six children.

As per the reports in the Saint Madeleine murder case, the husband and wife were both at their family house along Stanleyville on the day when the act of stabbing took place. It is said that the victim and suspect got involved in a physical struggle after an argument, which led to the stabbing attack by the wife against her husband.

As per the statement, the reason behind the initiation of the argument is mentioned to be the habit of alcohol consumption of Gary Balgobin. Allegedly, the argument suddenly ignited and turned physical, which made the suspect get armed with a knife. The suspect picked up the knife and used it as a weapon against the victim and stabbed him, leaving the man severely injured.

Subsequently, the police unit responsible for law maintenance in the region got information about the act of the stabbing in Saint Madeleine, which eventually turned into a murder case. Responding to the information, a team of assigned lawmen, including PC Matloo and PC Ramkissoon, from the local police station took charge and arrived at the crime scene.

At the mentioned site of crime in Saint Madeleine as per the information, the police officers found the wounded victim covered in blood. The report was confirmed, and the victim man was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital for medical help. In the hospital, the victim was examined by the doctor, where the man lost his life during treatment and was officially declared dead.

Meanwhile, the house of the victim was seized, and the proceedings were initiated by the investigating team of officers. The officers from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region Three also got involved and started the investigation in the Saint Madeleine murder case.

The police officers on duty collected the knife used for the stabbing, and the suspect wife was also detained. The investigation is ongoing under the leadership of WPC Rampersad and inquires are also pending. While the case is heading with the instructions of the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the accused woman is released from police custody.