La Horquetta shooting accused granted bail for $200,000

An accused man granted bail by the high court in 2023 shooting case of La Horquetta after hearing on Monday, 22 April.

La Horquetta shooting accused granted bail for $200,000.
La Horquetta shooting accused granted bail for $200,000.

Trinidad and Tobago: An accused man was granted bail by the master of the high court against the sum of amount two hundred thousand dollars for surety in last year’s shooting case of La Horquetta. The accused man was arrested by the police department and presented to the court for a hearing on Monday, 22 April.

The accused man was arrested by the police department on Thursday, 18 April in a joint operation following the chain of investigation since the criminal act last year. The shooting of La Horquetta, a locality in the northern part of Trinidad Island, was recorded on Thursday, 21 December 2023, after which the investigation was initiated.

As per the reports, the man involved in the La Horquetta shooting is identified by his name, which is Malia Ferdinand as per the documentation. The suspect, Malia Ferdinand, belongs to the resident of Phase 4 in La Horquetta.

After being taken into custody, the suspect was laid with several charges for the firearm-related offenses committed by him on the day of the incident. The charges laid on him included possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, use of a firearm to endanger life, possession of ammunition to endanger life, and shooting with intent.

Under the same charges he was accused of, the suspect was taken to the court for the proceedings. The case of La Horquetta shooting against the suspect was heard by the master of the court Magaret Sookraj Goswami.

After hearing the matter and reasoning from both sides, in favour and against the accused, the judge granted bail to the suspect under some conditions as per protocols. The bail was granted to the accused man against the surety, which was set to be two hundred thousand dollars.

The investigation in the case was continuously ongoing since the act was recorded in the last month of the previous year. After the chain of investigations, the operation was conducted jointly by the law enforcement authorities which led to the arrest of the suspect.

The joint operation was conducted by the officers from the Northern Division Police Department with the North Gang unit, La Horquetta Criminal Investigations Department, and La Horquetta Task Force.

The people of Trinidad and Tobago shared their views on the bail to the La Horquetta shooting case accused. The people said, “One more time. Nothing new in it. No one actually wants this place to be safe. Crime is an important weapon for many people for their profit. This is what going on. Criminals get bail easily and innocents stay as rats in the jail. Equality and justice are just words of the book.”