Police held two for drug trafficking in Scarborough

Two arrested in the case of drug trafficking during a mobile patrol in Scarborough, police seized narcotics, firearm on 22 April.

Police held two for drug trafficking in Scarborough.
Police held two for drug trafficking in Scarborough.

Trinidad and Tobago: Two male suspects were arrested by the police department in the case of drug trafficking during a mobile patrol in the Rockley Vale locality of Scarborough in Tobago. The team of police officers in action caught the culprits with narcotics, an illegal firearm, and ammunition on Monday, 22 April, around 12:30 am.

The two suspects who were caught for drug trafficking are identified to the public by their age and where they belong. One suspect is a 26-year-old man who lives in the entrepreneur locality of Signal Hill, while the other was local to the tradesman locality of Rockley Vale.

Both are residents of Scarborough, a town on Tobago Island, while the name of the suspect is still not confirmed. The action was taken by a team of police officers from the Tobago Divisional Task Force (TDTF) which led to the arrest of the accused men.

As per the reports on the incident, a team of officers on duty were out in the locality for a regular mobile patrol exercise along Northside Road. While they were on the exercise, the officers noticed a motor vehicle travelling along the way which caught their attention.

The officers on duty found the motor vehicle suspicious as they found the driving very abnormal. The police officers made their way to the motor vehicle to find out if something was wrong. The motor vehicle is said to be a Mitsubishi Lancer of white colour. The officers approached and signaled to stop the motor vehicle.

While the process was being conducted, the police officers got an all-points bulletin which confirmed their suspicion on the vehicle. The information was passed by the Tobago Operational Centre about a white motor vehicle which is occupied by two individuals carrying guns and ammunition.

The police officers checked the vehicle and followed the information. The motor vehicle was occupied by the two men. The officers took charge and started with the search operation which left them with the discovery of illegal possessions by the two suspects.

In the search, the officers found one pistol loaded with a magazine occupying seventeen counts of 9 mm ammunition, four more counts of 9 mm ammunition were discovered separately with markings of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment. With that, police officers found several plastic packets containing marijuana weighing around 991 grams.

In the process, the police officers also took further steps and searched one other motor vehicle, which was a Hyundai H-100 of white colour. The motor vehicle belonged to the 29-year-old suspect which led to the recovery of more quantity of marijuana weighed around 143 grams.

Subsequently, the two suspects were held and taken into custody for drug trafficking in Scarborough. Both jointly face the charges for the committed offences including possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. It is said that the 29-year-old suspect is facing some additional charges which came due to resistance against officers on duty and an attempt to escape.