Six male assailants looted teacher in Port of Spain robbery

41-year-old teacher got assaulted during a robbery by six male assailants after a meeting in Port of Spain on 21 April.

Six male assailants looted teacher in Port of Spain robbery.
Six male assailants looted teacher in Port of Spain robbery.

Trinidad and Tobago: A 41-year-old man, a teacher by profession, got assaulted physically during a robbery by six male assailants in Port of Spain. The incident took place after he went for a meeting with an individual whom he contacted through social media on Sunday, 21 April.

As per the statements released related to the case, the man first went to meet with the individual at a bar along Prince Street. The meeting was fixed over social media where the victim teacher came into communication with the individual.

It is mentioned that on the day, the victim of the Port of Spain robbery was travelling in his motor vehicle which was a Fielder Wagon car of white colour. On the meeting day, the victim teacher secured his motor vehicle in a parking site after which he went to the bar for the individual.

As per the reports, after the meeting with the individual, both got involved in the communication after which they together headed towards the George Street Plannings. After arriving at the locality, unexpectedly the man was aggressively approached and ambushed by six assailants.

The six male suspects started a confrontation with the teacher among whom one was carrying a firearm with himself. The armed assailant pulled out the gun and pointed it toward the victim while announcing the robbery.

In the process, the man was also beaten by the suspects while demanding all the valuables. The assailants took all the items of some value from the victim including his cell phone, cash amount, and keys of his motor car. Straight after all the assailants left the place of the crime.

As the assailants fled from the robbery site of Port of Spain, the victim somehow managed to collect himself after which he headed towards the parking lot where he left his car. After arriving at the parking, he found his motor vehicle missing from the place.

Later, the victim was informed by his bank’s call center about the withdrawal of six thousand dollars from his account. Subsequently, the victim teacher notified the police department about the criminal act of robbery in Port of Spain against him.

In response, the police department took charge and a team of investigating officers started with the investigation. The police officers recorded the statement of the victim about the act of robbery that took place against him to collect the clues. The police officers are in search of the culprits.