Couva businessman lost car in robbery after kidnapping

36-year-old businessman became victim of kidnapping and robbery in Couva on 2 April by two suspects while he was to sell his vehicle.

Couva businessman lost car and valuables in a robbery after kidnapping.
Couva businessman lost car and valuables in a robbery after kidnapping.

Trinidad and Tobago: A 36-year-old businessman became the victim of kidnapping and robbery in Couva, a town along the western coast of Trinidad, on the evening of Tuesday, 02 April, by two suspects while he was there to sell his vehicle to a buyer he found on a social media platform.

As per the sources, the kidnapping and robbery incident took place on the day against the victim businessman while he was at the decided location at the car park of Atlantic Plaza in Couva to make a deal with a buyer. The deal was to sell a car which two individuals were going to buy from the businessman whom he contacted through a social media platform.

The victim lost his motor vehicle, a grey Kia Niro SUV, in the criminal act after he met with the suspects at the place of meeting for the deal. At nearly 7:00 pm, the victim businessman was waiting for the buyers when two individuals arrived at the place.

The individuals asked the businessman to test the motor vehicle, to which they asked to take them on a test drive, to which the seller businessman agreed. After they went for a test drive of the motor vehicle, one of the two suspects armed himself with a gun near the vicinity of the roundabout along Atlantic Avenue.

Reportedly, the armed suspect pointed the gun at the head of the victim while announcing the act of robbery. The suspects put the businessman in a threat for his life after which they ordered him to drive the car towards Rivulet Road.

It is mentioned that after visiting a point along Rivulet Road, the victim was thrown out by the two suspects on the roadway forcefully, with which they looted all the cash and valuables carried by the businessman at the time of the crime.

Straight after, the suspects took control of the vehicles belonging to the businessman and fled from the place. The victim immediately reported the crime against him of kidnapping and robbery in Couva to the law enforcement department.

The on-duty police officers recorded the statement of the victim businessman about the incident of crime and prepared a report after which the action was taken by the investigation officers to trace the suspects under the guidance of Wpc Horsford.

Meanwhile, the victim businessman was advised to get medical help for the treatment of the injuries suffered by him during the criminal act of kidnapping and robbery in Couva.