Criminal on bail chopped to death in Couva

A man involve in kidnapping and was out on bail found dead by the police officers, wounded of chopping attack in Couva on 15 February.

Port of Spain: Maxi taxi driver assaulted during attempted robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
Port of Spain: Maxi taxi driver assaulted during attempted robbery. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

Trinidad and Tobago: A man, who was charged with multiple offenses and was on bail, became the victim of a chopping attack in which he lost his life and his body was found by the police officers in bushes in Couva, a town in the western part of Trinidad, on Thursday, 15 February. The victim is identified with the name of Vishal Singh, who lived at his house along Waterloo Road in Carapichaima, a town in the western part of Trinidad, on the north of Couva. The victim was a culprit and was in the criminal records of the police department.

The victim of the chopping attack in Couva was out on bail. The man was arrested and charged by the police department in the case of Kidnapping and other multiple related offenses committed by him. The victim was granted bail over some conditions and he was consistently under the surveillance of police through a monitoring device that was tied to his ankle.

As per the reports, the incident of the murder of the victim in Couva by chopping was discovered by the police department on the day when the police officers went on a search. The search was started after suddenly he went missing and officers were unable to track signals from the monitoring device on his ankle.

It is mentioned that the officers from the Electronic Monitoring Unit went to the Couva Police Station at nearly 9:30 am and told police officers about the unexpected loss of signal from the device with the victim and also that he was missing.

In response to the information, the police officers took charge of a team of officers with the officers of the Central Division Task Force of Area South and started the search operation for the man who was later found dead.

Reportedly, the police officers started their search and went to the last location which was tracked by the officers through a monitoring device. Near the last location, the police officers discovered the dead body of the victim in the bushes at the side of the road in Orange Valley.

The life body of the victim man was found by the police officers in a condition where his both hands were tied and his head was wounded by a chopping attack. The area was immediately taken under the control of the police officers to conduct an early investigation.
The incident of the murder of the man who was out on bail was informed to the police officers of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations of Region III, who instantly went to the crime scene and collected the potential elements from the place which could act like evidence related to the case.

The Designated Medical Officer was also called to the scene of the crime by the police officers for examination of the dead body of the victim. The Designated Medical Officer went to the site and examined the body after which he shared his observations with the officers and ordered the removal of the body from the crime scene.

The residents of the communities around Couva Town and the people of the nation are sharing their opinions on the case after learning about the murder of a man who was on bail by chopping.

People are saying, “What an irony. Now criminals are also not safe in this place. Nobody will have any kind of sympathy for this man. It is good. This kind of people must suffer like this. And why was he given bail? To commit more crimes. Just let normal people live a safe and healthy life. Criminal, criminal, everywhere just criminals.”

People also said, “If you are enemy to someone you will also be seen as enemy. This man must be a puppet of any gang who was suffering for what he did. Now when he was threat for them he got killed. Normal stuff in present conditions.”

The officers from the police department are conducting an investigation and inquiries about the case to trace the culprits involved in the crime and the reason for the murder.