Accused soldier released from Preysal hit and run accident

Soldier released from case of hit and run accident that took the life of 55-year-old delivery truck driver in Preysal on 28 March.

One dead, three injured in firebomb attack of Couva.
One dead, three injured in firebomb attack of Couva.

Trinidad and Tobago: A soldier of the Trinidad and Tobago defence force is said to be released from the case of his involvement in a hit and run accident that took the life of a 55-year-old delivery truck driver along the Solomon Hochoy highway in Preysal on Thursday, 28 March.

The deceased victim of the hit and run accident in Preysal on the day is identified by his name documented as Neil Ballai, who worked as a delivery truck driver for Kiss Bakery and lived in the Eccles Trace locality of Spring Village in Valsayn, a locality in the northwestern part of Trinidad.


As per the reports, the incident of the hit and run accident in Preysal, a village in the western part of Trinidad, took place on the day when the victim was driving the truck on the root with another man in his company.

It is mentioned that on the highway, a motor vehicle came from behind in the speed and hit the truck, the vehicle was a Hyundai Ioniq Sedan car of black colour which is recognised by its registered number PDR 7741.

The collision of the car with the truck from behind led the victim driver to lose his control over the vehicle. As the truck lost its balance, it ran off the Solomon Hochoy highway causing an accident that led to the death of the victim, Neil Ballai.

It is said that the black Hyundai car was occupied by the accused soldier at the time of the incident who didn’t stop and fled from the scene of the accident. The soldier is identified with the name Jalani Mapp, who is registered as a Trinidad and Tobago defence force member.

The people passing from the highway noticed the whole act and took action to help the injured victim after which the incident of hit and run accident in Preysal was informed to the emergency health services and the police department.

A team of police officers under the leadership of Asp Rampartap and Sergeant Oliver took action in response and went to the mentioned site. On the site, police officers found the victim’s driver, who was already dead on the spot.


The other passenger in the truck was found injured but alive, who was instantly sent to the Couva hospital for treatment under medical observation. The man was examined and treated by the medical staff and reported out of danger.