Trinidad police launched anti-crime operation for safe Easter

Trinidad police launched multiple anti-crime operation around region to ensure public safety amid occasion of easter weekend.

One dead, three injured in firebomb attack of Couva.
One dead, three injured in firebomb attack of Couva.

Trinidad and Tobago: The police department of the south division of Trinidad launched multiple anti-crime operation around the region to ensure public safety by tackling criminal activities during the occasion of easter weekend in the nation. The operations led police to the seizure of illegal items with multiple arrests.

In the chain of the easter anti-crime operation, the south division police department of Trinidad seized an amount of cocaine and marijuana. The operation was conducted on the day in between 9:00 pm to 3:00 am on the next day, from Thursday, 28 March, to Friday, 29 March.

In the operation, four suspects were held by the police officers from the scene and taken into custody for the offence of possessing illegal substances. The operation was successfully conducted by a team of officers from the Task Force and coordinated by Senior Superintendent Soodeen, ASP Ramlogan with Inspector Mohammed.

In one other anti-crime operation amid the easter exercises, the officers from the Police Station of San Fernando, a city on the west coast of Trinidad, held a 20-year-old man.

The suspect, who belonged to the El Socorro locality of Trinidad, was caught by the police officers in a case related to burglary, which took place on Wednesday, 13 March, in the Palmiste district on the island.

As per the reports, the suspect of the burglary case is set to get charged under the committed offences during the burglary, including possession of a lethal weapon, possession of ammunition, assault, the intent of robbery, shooting with intent, and endangering common lives.

It is mentioned that the young man was already a known culprit in the police record and had previously been arrested in relation to another robbery that took place on 3 October. The previous act of crime was conducted by the culprit in the Princes Town district of Trinidad.

Besides this, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service mentioned the actions taken around the nation in the last few days under the chain of anti-crime operation. In the operations, it is said that police officers successfully arrested around twelve individuals involved in multiple criminal activities.

The exercises led the police officers to the discovery of hidden illegal substances like marijuana and cocaine kind of narcotics with illegal lethal weapons like firearms and ammunition possessed by culprits without any permission.

The police department is still conducting investigations into the ongoing case over illegal findings while the anti-crime operations are also proceeding to trace more criminal acts that are hidden in Trinidad and Tobago.