Two brothers pronounced dead in Arima shooting

Two brothers pronounced dead after shooting attack in front of family house along Martinez Street in Arima on 28 March.

Two brothers pronounced dead in Arima shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, Guyana Police Force
Two brothers pronounced dead in Arima shooting. Image Credit: Facebook, Guyana Police Force

Trinidad and Tobago: Two brothers were pronounced dead after facing a fatal shooting attack in front of their family house along Martinez Street in Arima, a town in the northern part of Trinidad, by unknown assailants on the night of Thursday, 28 March, around 8:15 pm.

As per the sources, the criminal act of the shooting against the two victims in Arima took place on the day when both the brothers were outside their house when they were approached by the assailants who were armed with lethal weapons.


The identities of the deceased victims of the Arima shooting attack are disclosed by the authorities, as per which, one brother was a 47-year-old man, known by the documented name of Nick Francois, otherwise called Blacky, while the second brother was a 44-year-old man, named Kevin Francois and also known as Bobo.

It is mentioned that just before the time of the shooting, Nick came back to his Arima house with his daughter to celebrate Easter with the family, whereas, Kevin was out to take his 3-year-old son on a drive.

At nearly 8:15 pm, armed men went to the place in aggression and launched a lethal attack on the brothers, firing multiple bullets which left the victims injured at the location, bleeding from the wounds. The incident was noticed by the family members who were present in the house.

The family members heard the explosion sounds outside the house and went for the rescue. The young boy was protected by a teenage house member, who took him away from the site and took him to a safe place. Straight after the crime, the unknown assailants left the scene.

The law enforcement department and the emergency health services reported the lethal shooting in Arima of two brothers to receive help. Anyhow, till the help went to the mentioned address both of the brothers were not able to survive and lost their breathing.

The investigation officers from the local police station took action and arrived at the crime scene after getting the report of the criminal act in their locality. At the shooting site, the officer started the investigation by seizing the place.


The police officers recorded the statements of the family members and in the investigation, they collected twenty one spent shells of the fired bullets of 9 mm and 5.56 mm ammunition. The recovered items were seized by the officers as relevant clues in the case.

As the investigation to trace the culprits of the Arima shooting is ongoing, it is said that one more brother of the deceased victims was killed six months ago in the same way. On Saturday, 30 September 2023, 49-year-old Andy Francois was killed by two armed men along Valencia Old Road.