Saint James police booked four bandits for failed robbery

Police arrested four bandits including two teenagers in the case of attempted robbery on a 72-year-old woman in Saint James.

Saint James police booked four bandits for failed robbery. Image Credit: WNEP
Saint James police booked four bandits for failed robbery. Image Credit: WNEP

Trinidad and Tobago: The police department took action in a case of attempted robbery on a 72-year-old woman by a group of four suspects in Saint James. The failed criminal act was performed against the old lady while she was inside her parked motor vehicle on the evening of Sunday, 07 July, around 05:00 pm. The police officers acted and held four suspects involved in the robbery, including teenagers.

As per the reports about the Saint James robbery case, the female senior citizen is a resident of Carenage, Trinidad. On the day of the crime, the old lady was in the locality along Mucurapo Road in Saint James, sitting inside her car at Hot Shoppe Carpark. At the site, the victim was approached by the suspects unexpectedly, who targeted the gold bracelet worn by the old lady.

It is mentioned that the old lady was approached by the two suspects, who are disclosed to be men of African origin. The suspects reportedly spotted the gold bracelet of the victim woman, which they intended to loot. The two accused suddenly went close to the motor car of the old lady and attempted to snatch the gold bracelet.

However, the attempt of the bandits failed as they were not able to grab the gold bracelet and the old lady was also alerted to their unlawful act. Before the old victim made any move against the suspects of robbery, the two bandits ran towards another motor vehicle waiting at some distance and fled from the parking of Saint James.

Reportedly, the vehicle used by the bandits was a Nissan Tiida motor car of white colour which was noticed by the old lady. The motor car was occupied by two more suspects, who were involved with two bandits in the act. The car used in the crime was registered as PDB 4387.

Subsequently, the information of the failed attempted robbery was instantly made to the police department by the old victim. The police officer on duty from the local police unit took response and charged in the area after receiving the information. The members of GEB and IATF also got involved in the matter and launched the operation.

The information of the attempted robbery in Saint James and the suspects in the Nissan Tiida motor car was shared with the active police parties active around the region. The quick response by the authorities to catch the bandits resulted in the arrest of the four bandits who were taken into custody. The four suspects are young individuals who are disclosed as a 22-year-old man, a 20-year-old man, an 18-year-old man, and a 16-year-old man.