Central Division police seized illegal firearms, five booked

Police seized firearms and other illegal possessions in the Central Division targeted in the localities of Cunupia and Claxton Bay.

70-year-old farmer in Moruga became victim of robbery. Image Credit: ernakulamdistrictolympicassociation
70-year-old farmer in Moruga became victim of robbery. Image Credit: ernakulamdistrictolympicassociation

Trinidad and Tobago: The law protection department of the twin island nation shared information about the seizure of firearms and other illegal possessions during the crime eradication exercises in the Central Division. The operations were conducted by the officers in the different localities of Cunupia and Claxton Bay on Saturday, 06 July. The action based on the information, led to the arrest of four offenders during the process.

In the first crime eradication exercise of the Central Division, the team of responding police officers seized illegal firearms from a motor vehicle. The suspicious vehicle was stopped and searched by the officers along Mora Street in the locality of Homeland Gardens in Cunupia, Trinidad. The active officers had information about the illegal activity involving a suspicious motor car under which the charge was taken.

As per the reports, the vehicle stopped by the officers was a Suzuki Vitara motor car, which was handled by four occupants at the time, including a driver and three passengers. The four individuals are identified by their age, which marks the suspects as a 23-year-old man, a 24-year-old man, a 32-year-old man, and a 37-year-old man. The four male suspects are residents of Port of Spain who all got caught with illegal firearms in the Central Division.

Reportedly, after the police officers stopped and checked the details of the motor car, they found that the car was carrying fake registration plates. After observing the registration plates, the suspicion of the officer was confirmed. In the further search, the lawmen collected multiple firearms and ammunition with other items.

It is mentioned that the four occupants were holding an AR 15 with ten counts of 5.56 ammunition fitted in a magazine, one revolver carrying six counts of 0.38 special ammunition, and a 0.38 chrome pistol in their motor vehicle. The suspects were carrying firearms illegally, as they had no authority to carry lethal weapons. With firearms, officers also discovered three phones, one holster, and three black colour masks.

The other exercise in the Central Division was conducted along Cedar Hill Road in Claxton Bay, which added in the case of seizing firearms. The operation was led by the officers of the Central Division Task Force, who discovered a Glock 19 Pistol during the exercise in the locality. The police officers also found a Nissan B15 motor car that had been reported and stolen. It is said that the car was involved in a road traffic accident.

As the police officers continued with the investigation, the collected information led the team to a locality along Main Road in Balmain, where they found a suspect. The suspect was a 21-year-old man who was reportedly involved in the accident and fled from the site after the act. The suspect was arrested immediately. The case of the Central Division, after seizing firearms and arresting offenders, also led to the regions of other divisions from where three more vehicles were recovered.