Prison officer under custody for firing in Barataria bar

Case of firing in a bar of Barataria is under investigation which involves a police officer and a prison officer in a conflict.

Prison officer under custody for firing in Barataria bar. Image Credit: WSAZ
Prison officer under custody for firing in Barataria bar. Image Credit: WSAZ

Trinidad and Tobago: A case of firing in a bar in Barataria is under investigation by the police department, which involves a police officer and a prison officer. The conflict between both government officers was observed at R&R Bar on 6th Avenue and 11th Street on the night of Friday, 31 May, around 11:30 pm. Both the officers were off duty at the time of the confrontation.

As per the sources, the act of firing at the bar took place on the day when both officers were present separately at the Barataria location. Barataria is a neighbourhood of San Juan, which is a city of Trinidad located on the northwestern side of the island. It is said that both men got involved in the conflict due to a lady at the place.

The police officer who was involved in the case of Barataria bar firing is identified by his official name, Grimes. PC Grimes serves his duty in the Polygraph Unit of Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. On the other hand, the involved prison officer is reportedly attached to the Port of Spain Prison. Both the government officers did not know each other before the confrontation at the bar.

At nearly 11:30 pm, the off-duty police officer, PC Grimes, was enjoying his time at the bar when he spotted a woman who was walking towards the washroom. Immediately after that, the site of the police officer moved towards a man in the bar who was following the way of the woman behind her. The police officer found it suspicious and he decided to go check the situation.

It is mentioned that the off-duty police officer saw the man pushing the woman in the restroom area. Instantly, PC Grimes approached the man in the corridor and said, “You cannot come here and take advantage of nobody with this stupidity.” With this, the situation got elevated, and both men got involved in a physical confrontation. The man in the corridor was no other but an off-duty prison officer.

Reportedly, the prison officers grabbed and pushed the police officer against the toilet door. The situation got elevated when the officers got armed with the service guns, which led to the act of firing at the bar in Barataria. After one gunshot was fired, the sound of an explosion alarmed everyone at the place, and people started scattering for their safety.

The security officers at the bar intervened in the situation and attempted to take control of it. The security officers successfully handled the situation, after which the police department was informed about the incident of firing at the bar in the Barataria area. Straight after getting the information about the firing in the bar, a team of assigned officers made their way to the address.

PC Mc Intosh led the action by authority and initiated the investigation. the gun involved in the firing was seized and handed over to Ag Cpl Bhajan of the Barataria Crime Investigation Department. the gun belonged to the prison officers and was loaded with a magazine. Twenty rounds of 9 mm ammunition of the seized gun were also taken under control by the officers.

The service firearm of the involved police officer was also seized with forty-five rounds of 9 mm ammunition. After inspection, it was revealed that the police officer was clear with all the assigned number of bullets handed to him. Where on the other side, the prison officer was missing one ammunition assigned to him.

The investigation is continued in the case of the firing in the bar which is supervised by the Cpl Constantine of the Barataria Police Station. The prison officer is under proceedings on the basis of the evidence found against him.