Portmore police probing murder of victim in his house

Police is investigating the murder case of a man observed in his house of Naggo Head, Portmore during the early hours of Saturday.

Arima man shot and killed, police probing murder case. Image Credit: The Leaflet
Arima man shot and killed, police probing murder case. Image Credit: The Leaflet

Jamaica: The police department of the Saint Catherine parish is investigating the recent case of the murder of a man observed in a locality of Portmore. The victim man was discovered by the locals inside his house in Naggo Head during the early hours of Saturday, around 01:00 am. The culprit of the killing a man by shooting is unknown, whom the police department is trying to find and arrest.

As per the disclosed information about the murder case of Portmore, Jamaica, the fatal act took place while the victim was at his house along Rosemarie Lane in the neighbourhood. While he was in the home, the victim was ambushed by the unknown assailant, who was armed. The victim was shot more than once, which eventually became the reason for his death.

At the time of the murder at nearly 01:00 am, the shooting was heard by the people living in the houses nearby. As the explosions echoed around the neighbourhood, the residents who were sleeping at their houses got alerted and went outside to investigate the situation. After searching for the reason behind the disturbance, the residents made their way into the house of the victim, where they found the man bleeding and lying unconscious.

The victim of the Portmore murder case is identified, whose details are disclosed through the sources. The deceased was a 51-year-old man, who was commonly called by his given name, Screw. The victim was a local man whose documented name was Luke Young. After revealing that the victim man was attacked by someone in the locality, the information was immediately transferred to the authorities.

The local people summoned the police officers to the crime site. The responding team of on-duty police officers made their way to the Naggo Head neighbourhood in response to the report of the shooting. At the crime scene, the investigating officers saw the victim inside the house who was lying over his own blood. The site of the shooting act was instantly blocked for common people, and the investigation was initiated.

Subsequently, the case of murder was registered, and the official proceeding was initiated by assigned police officers of the Portmore department. The victim was taken to the Spanish Town Hospital, and after the official confirmation of death, the body was kept for further process of autopsy. The Bridgeport Criminal Investigation Branch is also involved in the case who are trying to find the culprit and the reason behind the murder.