Tiler booked for shooting co-worker in Linstead

Saint Catherine registered another case of shooting which left a male complaint injured in Linstead at a construction site.

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British national fined $1.2M for cocaine possession in Saint James.

Jamaica: The Saint Catherine parish of Jamaica registered another case of shooting, which left a male complaint injured in Linstead. The lethal act took place at a construction site in the town between two workers on the night of Tuesday, 04 July. The reason marked for the crime is an argument between the two, which ignited the situation.

The report was registered against a 31-year-old man who is a tiler by profession. The details and identification of both sides, the culprit and complainant, are not confirmed now. It is said that both male workers at the site in Linstead, Jamaica, initiated a conflict verbally, which became the base of the shooting later on the day.

As per the reports about the Linstead shooting case, it was nearly 07:40 PM when the two workers started a verbal dispute. The conflict developed between both at the workplace, which is located along the Linstead Bypass. It is mentioned that the dispute was not solved when the suspect left the place at that time.

Reportedly, the situation was normal and under control till the suspect returned to the workplace after some time and approached the suspect. This time, the accused tiler entered the site with aggression and was armed with a handgun. The intention of the tiler was clearly to target the victim worker.

Straight after arriving at the Linstead workplace, the suspect aimed at the victim and started shooting. The accused pulled the trigger and shot multiple bullets against the victim, leaving him injured in the right shoulder. The victim man attempted to escape the firing to save his life after observing the attack on himself.

Somehow, the complainant worker made his way out to find help and managed to get a shelter nearby. The victim was taken refuge and saved at a neighbouring business place. Afterwards, the report of the attempted murder by shooting was made to the Linstead police department.

Subsequently, the responsible police department in the area was alerted, and action was taken immediately in response to the report. A team of policemen took charge and arrived at the mentioned location, after which the information was found to be genuine.

The responding team of police officers recorded the statement of the complainant and held the attacker. The accused tiler was taken into custody, and the case is heading against him under breaches of the Firearms Act and suspicion of wounding with intent. The victim of the shooting was treated for his injury after he was assisted to a hospital in Linstead.