Police searching for two suspects for triple murder in Tobago

Another case of triple murder is recorded where one man got injured in the shooting act by two armed assailants in Tobago.

Police searching for two suspects for triple murder in Tobago. Image Credit: India Today
Police searching for two suspects for triple murder in Tobago. Image Credit: India Today

Trinidad and Tobago: Another case of triple murder is recorded in the twin island federation, which took the life of three male victims by two armed assailants in Tobago. One more male victim was affected in the fatal shooting attack which left him nursing gunshot wounds. The criminal act was recorded in the locality of Black Rock in the early hours of Monday, 08 July, around 12:30 am.

As per the reports about the triple murder case in Tobago, the four victims men were together at the place along the Main Road in Black Rock at the time of the fatal act. It is said that the group of men was playing cards and enjoying the company of each other just before the deadly crime was executed by the assailants.

Among the four men in the group, the three deceased victims of the triple murder case in Tobago are identified through the sources. The names of the dead men are disclosed to be Samuel McKain, Anslem Douglas, and Gregory Hamlet. The details of the wounded victim in the life-taking act are not confirmed, however, the group of men is said to be local residents.

At nearly 12:30 am on the day, two individuals walked into the place where the group of victims were already present. It is said that both the suspects were armed with guns, who approached the four men and started a confrontation. Straight after, loud sounds of explosions were heard in the neighbourhood as the suspects attacked the victims with the use of lethal weapons.

Immediately after hitting the victims in the targeted shooting, the two culprits of the act wasted no time and fled from the crime scene of Black Rock. The police department got an update on the fatal act in the region of their responsibility, after which they responded instantly. The early investigation was initiated by the responding officers after visiting the crime scene and seizing the area for ordinary people.

During the examination of the scene of the triple murder in Tobago, the police officers found the group of four men wounded with several gunshot wounds. Among the victims, three men were already dead at the site, while the fourth man was found breathing. The injured man of the attack was taken to the Scarborough General Hospital, where he was examined and admitted in serious condition.

The case of a triple murder in Black Rock, Tobago, is the fourth such incident where three individuals were killed together. The last case of triple murder was reported in Matura on Saturday, 22 June. In that case, 17-year-old Sherwin Mcfarlane, 20-year-old Andre Maloney, and 21-year-old Malcolm Richardson were shot and dead along Mendoza Street.