Dead body of missing pensioner found decomposed in Freeport

A decomposing dead body of a pensioner was recovered by police department in the bushy area of Freeport on 04 June.

Dead body of missing pensioner found decomposed in Freeport. Image Credit: The Kashmir Pulse
Dead body of missing pensioner found decomposed in Freeport. Image Credit: The Kashmir Pulse

Trinidad and Tobago: In the locality of Freeport, a dead body was recovered by the police department after receiving the information, which was found to be of a pensioner. The dead body was found near the house of the victim in the bushy area on the evening of Tuesday, 04 June, around 07:00 pm, which was in a state of decomposing. The old man was reported missing a few days ago.

The 77-year-old pensioner who was found dead is disclosed to be the local of Freeport. The senior citizen was a resident of Jaideo Trace along Siewdass Road. Freeport is a town along the western side of Trinidad. The name of the dead man is confirmed to be Madoo Satram as per the documents.

The deceased old man had been suffering from dementia for a long time. Dementia is an issue where the individual suffers from a group of problems affecting memory, thinking, and other social abilities. The pensioner was reported missing and was not seen by anyone after Saturday, 1 June.

As per the details of the Freeport case of the pensioner, the dead body was spotted by the local citizen in the locality, after which he passed the information to the authorities. The police department responded to the report, and a company of officers on duty arrived at the mentioned address in the region.

At nearly 07:00 pm, PC Dickson and PC Ali from the Freeport Police took initial steps to confirm the report of the dead body in the region. The responding officers found the decomposed dead body in the bushes, after which they blocked the area. Straight after, the procedure was initiated and the investigation was launched.

Subsequently, the designated medical officer was contacted and summoned to the ground. The designated medical officer visited the place and examined the dead body. The dead body was already in the advanced state of decomposing. Later, the dead body of the pensioner was assisted to the Forensic Science Centre from the Freeport crime scene for post-mortem.

The crime scene was overtaken by the team of Crime Scene Investigators, including PC Rackal and PC Frankbull. The investigation and inquiries around the case are active currently. The report of the post-mortem will give direction to the investigation while declaring the real cause of death of the pensioner in Freeport.