Palo Seco murder: 33-year-old man killed in targeted shooting

A 33-year-old man lost his life in a lethal shooting attack by an armed assailant near a bar in Palo Seco on 03 June.

Palo Seco murder: 33-year-old man killed in targeted shooting. Image Credit: KSBY
Palo Seco murder: 33-year-old man killed in targeted shooting. Image Credit: KSBY

Trinidad and Tobago: One more case of murder is recorded in the area of Palo Seco, where a 33-year-old man lost his life in a lethal shooting attack by an armed assailant. The incident of the life-taking attack was executed at Station 22 Bar in the locality on the night of Monday, 03 June, around 09:15 pm.

The dead victim of the Palo Seco shooting case is identified by the responding police unit, who was named as Jevaun Billy in the documents. The deceased man was commonly known among friends and family by his given name, Rankin. The man was a resident of a community along SS Erin Road in Palo Seco, a village of Trinidad located along the southern coast of the island.

As per the sources, the victim of the fatal shooting was with his friend at the time of the crime at Station 22 Bar in Palo Seco. His friend was named as Sugar with whom the victim was liming at the bar located at the corner of Main Road Palo Seco and Los Charos Road meeting point. The situation got tense when the motor vehicle of the suspect arrived at the location.

At nearly 09:15 pm, a Nissan Tiida motor car of white colour arrived at the place where the victim was enjoying himself with his friend. The motor car was occupied by one man who was also possessing a firearm with him. Straight after, the suspect exited from the vehicle and targeted the victim. The suspect pointed the weapon toward the victim and pulled the trigger.

Observing the unexpected fatal attack against him, the victim tried to escape the place and ran in order to protect his life. However, his attempt to flee failed after he collapsed at a distance. The suspect followed the victim and shot multiple shots over his body, confirming his death. After executing his criminal intention, the suspect left the place in his motor vehicle, registered as PDD 6252.

The local people around the locality instantly contacted the law enforcement authority for help and passed the information of the fatal shooting against the victim in Palo Seco. Responding to the report of a shooting in the area, local police officers made their way to the ground to initiate the proceedings. Subsequently, PC Mohit with W/A/Cpl Vincent arrived at the address and found the lifeless body of Jevaun Billy.

Reportedly, the victim was covered with blood on the roadway. The man was already dead at the site, and he was bleeding from multiple wounds from gunshots over his body. The area was blocked for the common people, and the investigation was launched after the confirmation of the report. The dead body was assisted to the Forensic Science Centre of Saint James after the official pronouncement of the designated medical officer.

The investigation was overtaken by the Crime Scene Investigator, WPC Marshall, from the Homicide Bureau Region Three. The investigating team of police officers collected four shell casings of 9 mm ammunition and a smartphone of Samsung. The police officers are collecting information to disclose the reason for the Palo Seco shooting attack and the identity of the culprit.