Case of murder by shooting in Mt Hope under investigation

Police investigating the case of murder of a male victim in the locality of Mt Hope in a fatal attack of shooting on 18 June.

Case of murder by shooting in Mt Hope under investigation.
Case of murder by shooting in Mt Hope under investigation.

Trinidad and Tobago: The officers from the homicide unit of the police department are investigating the case of murder of a male victim reported in the locality of Mt Hope. The victim was reportedly killed in a fatal attack of shooting while he was sitting in his motor car parked in the locality in the early hours of Tuesday, 18 June, around 02:30 am.

The victim was killed by the unknown assailants, whom police officers are trying to trace with the help of evidence. The deceased man involved in the case of murder by fatal shooting in Mt Hope, Trinidad, is identified by his name on documents, which is disclosed to be Malique Matthews. The other details about the dead man are still not shared with the public for now.

As per the details out on the case of murder in Mt Hope, the victim was present at the parking sitting inside his motor vehicle, which was a Nissan Tiida of dark grey colour, in the locality near Carib Brewery. It is said that the unknown assailants arrived at the place and ambushed the victim, after which they launched a lethal firing attack, which led the victim to his death.

At nearly 02:30 am, the culprits, who were armed with firearms, targeted the victim and fled from the space of crime immediately before someone could spot them. The act of the murder by shooting was noticed by the people near the crime scene of Mt Hope, who heard the multiple sounds of explosions caused by firing. Instantly, the complaint was made to the police department, after which the officers were alerted.

In response to the information received by the police department, a unit of police officers was ordered to take charge of the case and start the investigation. The responding team of police officers spotted the damaged motor vehicle after arriving at the crime scene. In the motor car, the officers found the victim wounded with several gunshots and covered with blood.

After the examination of the victim, it was found that he was already dead on the spot. Subsequently, the report was confirmed, and the area of crime was blocked for common people to initiate the investigation. Later, the dead body of the victim, Malique Matthews, was removed from the site of the murder and taken for further proceedings.

In the inquiry conducted by the police officers on duty, it was revealed that probably two individuals were involved in the crime. The assumption is based on the statement of the people who saw two men running along the road in the west direction and then north onto Industry Lane. However, there is no solid proof of those men involved in the murder of the victim in Mt Hope. The officers collected spent bullet casings from the site.