VMCOTT employee bailed for $80,000 in document fraud case

An accused woman bailed by high court in the case of document fraud in VMCOTT for employment on Monday, 17 June.

VMCOTT employee bailed for $80,000 in document fraud case.
VMCOTT employee bailed for $80,000 in document fraud case.

Trinidad and Tobago: An accused woman was granted bail by the high court in the case of fraud in the Vehicle Management Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, VMCOTT. The suspect was presented in front of the master of the high court, where she was bailed for surety in the sum of eighty thousand dollars on Monday, 17 June.

The accused woman is identified in the reports by her name, documented as Tamika Chavillieur. The suspect, Tamika Chavillieur, is a resident of Arima, a town in the northern landmass of Trinidad Island. The lady was laid with multiple charges of fraud, when caught for providing fake documents to score employment in VMCOTT.

As per the reports on the VMCOTT fraud case, the incident roots back to the year 2021 when the accused lady applied for a job in the organisation. It is said that the open position was for the Finance Manager rank for the suspect applied with attached documents for her eligibility for the role.

It is mentioned that the documents attached by the accused in support of her application were professional certificates from Tertiary Education Providers. The lady was also provided a certificate by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA. The documents were initially accepted by the management as genuine which helped the suspect in selection for the job role.

Reportedly, in the later surveillance, the fraud by the accused was exposed by the VMCOTT management. It was found that the documents provided by the applicant woman were fraudulent. Subsequently, the case was filed against the suspect employee to the law enforcement department, in response to which the investigation was established by the Fraud Squad.

The investigation was directed on the basis of provided evidence by the complainant side, which resulted in the arrest of the female accused on Friday, 14 June. The case was guided under the supervision of Senior Superintendent Arlet Groome, Superintendent Lutchman, and W-Inspector Smith with WPC Jointe, PC Ramkissoon, PC Thomas, and Cpl Edwards, Murray, and Williams.

The accused was taken into custody, and charges of fraud with VMCOTT were laid on her, including uttering forged documents and obtaining money by virtue of forged documents. The case is adjourned by the master of high court till next year, the hearing is scheduled for 14 April, 2025.