Autopsy of Gasparillo river deadbody confirm it as murder

Dead body of a man was found floating in Guaracara River of Gasparillo is declared to be a murder case on Tuesday, 23 April.

Autopsy of deadbody found in river of Gasparillo confirm it as murder case.
Autopsy of deadbody found in river of Gasparillo confirm it as murder case.

Trinidad and Tobago: In an incident where the dead body of a man was found floating in the Guaracara River in Gasparillo is now declared to be a murder case after an autopsy report. It was revealed after the crime on Tuesday, 23 April, that the man lost his life due to blunt force trauma to his head. Nine stabbing wounds were also found on the back of the victim’s neck.

The deceased man in the murder case was identified by the police department after the discovery of the body in Gasparillo, a village in the western part of Trinidad Island. In the investigation, the victim was disclosed to be a 63-year-old man, who was known by his documented name of Razack Bholo.

The Gasparillo murder case was highlighted after the police department received a report of a dead man found floating in the Guaracara River at nearly 8:55 pm on the day. After getting the information about the suspicious death in the region the responsible police section of the area took charge and went for the inspection.

After a team of police officers went to the mentioned location along the river as per the information, they confirmed the report after spotting the dead body of a man. The police officers after noticing the dead body struck in the river with the stream, summoned the Mon Repos fire station for assistance to retrieve the body.

Subsequently, the body was taken out of the river with the assistance of the fire department after which the investigation officers initiated with their proceedings. After that, the police officers called the designated medical officer on the site for the check-up of the dead body.

Afterwards, the designated medical officer came to the site of the exploration of the dead and took the victim’s body under control after which the examination was conducted. The designated medical officer noted the relevant points of observation and shared them with the investigating police officers.

Eventually, the dead body of the victim was removed from the site and taken for further procedures following the orders. Before the post-mortem and autopsy report the confirmation of the murder was not made by the authorities which is declared now.

The inquiries in the case were conducted by the police officers under the charge of Wpc James who also led the investigation. In the inquiries, the police department collected the information as per which the victim was last seen at nearly 5:00 pm on the day.

At the time the man was seen near the Gasparillo flyover entering the Guaracara River. It is assumed while the man was in the river, an assailant or a group of assailants, attacked him and killed him. The police officers are searching for the reason behind the murder and the culprit involved in the crime of Gasparillo.