20-year-old miner dies mysteriously in Mazaruni

20-year-old miner lost his life due to unknown reason after screaming in sleep in Mazaruni on 19 April, reported to authorities on 20 April.

20-year-old miner died mysteriously in Mazaruni.
20-year-old miner died mysteriously in Mazaruni.

Guyana: A 20-year-old man, who is a miner by profession, lost his life due to an unknown reason after screaming in sleep at Upper Mazaruni. The incident took place on the night of Friday, 19 April, around 11:00 pm in Jawalla Village and was reported to the authorities on Saturday, 20 April.

The deceased man, who lost his life in a mysterious manner, was a miner and worked for a 44-year-old female owner of the mining operation. The work was active at the Rock Point Backdam area of Jawalla Village in Upper Mazaruni, where the man lost his life while sleeping.

As per the data collected with the inquiries, the name of the dead man is disclosed to be Adrian Steve Stephen as per the documents. The man belonged to Kako Village in Upper Mazaruni, a region in the northern part of Guyana along the Mazaruni River.

The reports on the case say that at nearly 5:00 pm, the daily assigned work of mining by the workers was finished, after which they all returned to the camp. After the end of the working day, the workers are kept in the camp where they stay, sleep, and get prepared for the next day.

As per the recorded statements of the other workers, the deceased man, Adrian Steve Stephen, prepared the dinner for others but he did not eat. It is also mentioned that the man also skipped breakfast or lunch on the said date.

Subsequently, all the workers went to sleep after the long day and Stephen also normally retired to bed at nearly 7:30 pm. Till that time no one noticed anything weird but at nearly 11:00 pm things turned into an incident when the workers awoken by hearing loud screams of Steve Stephen.

The other workers went to Stephen and assumed that he had a nightmare but after the attempt to wake him up, they noticed that the young miner was not moving and reacting to anything. The concern was raised, and instantly, the other miner colleagues were also alerted about the situation in the Mazaruni workplace.

It was observed that the man was dead and the seniors were reported about the incident. After that, the information was passed to the police department about the mysterious death of a young miner in Upper Mazaruni.

A team of investigating officers from the responsive police department arrived at the location of the mining operation at Rock Point Backdam after which the investigation was initiated. At nearly 11:00 am, the police officers on duty took charge of the locality and examined the body of the dead man.

The body was observed by the nurse in the presence of the police officers. In the initial examination, no marks of violence on the body of the dead man were seen. Subsequently, the dead body of the man was transferred to the Kamarang District Hospital Mortuary for further process of post-mortem after the official declaration of death.