Chinese origin businessman murdered in Guyana

41-year-old Chinese man killed in his supermarket on 14 March in Guyana was reportedly taken for post-mortem on 18 March.

Chinese origin business man murdered in Guyana. Image Credit: Facebook,
Chinese origin business man murdered in Guyana. Image Credit: Facebook,

Guyana: A 41-year-old man of Chinese origin, who was killed by the three suspects in his supermarket on Thursday, 14 March in Guyana, was reportedly taken for a post-mortem examination with dissection on the dead body by the government pathologist Doctor Nehaul Singh on Monday, 18 March, around 9:40 am.

The deceased victim of the murder case was a Chinese citizen, originally belonging to Guizhou China who was living in the Eteringbang Landing region along the Cuyuni River in Guyana for his supermarket business. The identity of the victim man is disclosed to be Lisong Yang.

Lisong Yang, the deceased Chinese victim, lost his life in Guyana around 2:00 pm on the day when three armed assailants launched a fatal attack on the businessman which became the reason for his death. The dead body of the victim was identified by his wife, known with the name Shuping Wen.

The dead body of the victim was examined by Doctor Singh who reported the cause of the death to be the wound that was found on his neck which compounded by blunt trauma to the head of the victim, Lisong Yang.

The police department was informed of the murder case of a Chinese man in Guyana by a Vanlang who noticed the suspicious incident happening on the premises. The man was the owner of the place where the supermarket was built.

The complaint was taken by the in charge of Eterengbang Police Station, Sergeant Schultz. In response, a team of police officers took charge and went to the crime scene. The ranks took action and seized the place immediately after their arrival, where they found the main door of the supermarket locked.

On the backside of the premises, the police officers caught a culprit who was trying to escape from the supermarket and police. The arrest of the 19-year-old suspect confirmed the report of the crime to the officers after which they entered the supermarket for further investigation.

Inside the supermarket, the officers explored the dead body of a Chinese businessman who was already dead and lying against the wall. It is mentioned in the reports that, the dead man was found wearing a grey jersey and dark grey trousers.

In the initial examination of the body, officers observed a wound of 13 cm cut length on his neck. His wife was found in the other room who was alive. The incident is assumed to be because of the robbery at the place.

The police officers in the investigation into the murder case of a chinese citizen in Guyana caught two other suspect who were involved in the crime. The suspects are identified as Oscar Alcide Alcanio and Darby Silvano Diaz De Costa, who were taken into custody.

It is said that the officers complete the reports on the case after the in-depth investigation and submit them to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The date of the culprits’ appearance in court is said to be decided soon.