14-year-old pronounced dead after road accident in Berbice

School girl lost his life in a road accident along Public Road in the West Coast Berbice region incident took place on 21 April.

14-year-old pronounced dead after road accident in Berbice.
14-year-old pronounced dead after road accident in Berbice.

Guyana: A teenage girl, who was a fourteen-year-old school girl, lost his life in a road accident along Public Road Number 41 in the West Coast Berbice region. The incident took place on the afternoon of Sunday, 21 April around 2:00 pm, when she got into a collision with a motor vehicle.

The deceased teenage girl is identified by the authorities as Renesha Small, which was her documented name. The victim girl was a student of Belladrum Secondary School and belonged to Lot 7 Paradise Village, which lies in West Coast Berbice, a region in the northeastern part of Guyana along the Berbice River.

As per the reports out in the public on the case, at nearly 2:00 pm in the day, the victim girl collided with the motor car which was travelling along the number 41 public roadway. The driver of the motor car was a 45-year-old man, who belongs to the New Savannah Park Housing in the New Amsterdam Berbice region.

It is mentioned that the man was the driver who was travelling in his motor vehicle on the northern side and was proceeding along the road in the east direction about 80 kilometres. The registration number of the car is disclosed to be HD 4290. As the man went to the location while driving continuously, his motor vehicle found the little girl in front of it which caused the fatal act.

Reportedly, the victim teenager was travelling in the minibus on the same way which was on the southern side of the road. It is said the teenage girl went out of the minibus on the southern side and ran towards the northern side of the road while crossing without noticing the traffic.

In the process of crossing the road while running the victim girl came into the path of the motor car and collided, which caused another road accident in the Berbice region. Due to the accident, the teenage girl fell on the ground and ended up with several serious injuries.

The incident was noticed by the people around who came up for the help of the little girl. The injured victim of the Berbice road accident was instantly assisted to the Fort Wellington Public Hospital for medical attention. In the hospital, while getting treated for her injuries the girl lost her life and was pronounced officially dead.

The police department was involved in the case of a road accident in Berbice after getting information about the incident from the people. The driver of the motor car was taken under the authority by the police officers for proceedings. It is said that the police found three micro-grams of alcohol which was detected in the breathalyser test of the driver.