Third murder of Port of Spain this week reported in Belmont

Port of Spain observes third murder case this week in locality of Belmont where a 21-year-old man shot and killed at a wake.

Third murder of Port of Spain this week reported in Belmont. Image Credit : Ellis & Associates
Third murder of Port of Spain this week reported in Belmont. Image Credit : Ellis & Associates

Trinidad and Tobago: The capital of Twin Island Federation, Port of Spain, observes one more murder case, the third this week, in the locality of Belmont. A 21-year-old man was found dead after a targeted fatal attack on the evening of Wednesday, 03 July, around 08:15 pm. The victim was attending a wake when he was shot and killed by an armed assailant.

The victim of the Belmont murder case is identified as a young man who was a resident of a neighbourhood in Cunupia, Trinidad. The name of the deceased is disclosed as Levei Gloud, as mentioned in his official documents. The victim was present at the site of the incident on the day to attend the wake of his known one.

As per the details about the Belmont murder case, the armed assailant visited the place of the wake, which was organised at Upper Saint Francois Valley Layan Hill. While the victim was standing separately from other attendees, the suspect approached the man and executed his intention to kill Levei Gloud. The victim was attacked with a firearm, with which he was shot multiple times in an attempt.

The fatal act of killing was executed at nearly 08:15 pm, which was observed by the people attending the wake with the victim. The sound of explosions by shooting echoed around and alerted the people around who went for the check. The other attendees found the victim injured on the ground and bleeding while the culprit was already out of the site.

Immediately, the information was passed to the law protection department, and the officers on duty were notified about the incident of shooting. The response was taken by the local police unit, and PC Mohammed with WPC Scott arrived at the mentioned address and took charge of the situation. Meanwhile, the injured victim was helped to reach the hospital for instant medical treatment.

The injured victim was assisted by the medical staff and doctor after he was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital. The doctor on duty took charge and examined the victim. Later, Levei Gloud was declared dead; he was not able to survive the injuries of the fatal shooting attack. Subsequently, the murder case of Belmont was registered by the responding officers, after which the investigation was launched.

The case of murder by shooting is taken over jointly by an assigned party of officers from the Belmont Crime Investigation Department, Port of Spain Task Force, Homicide Department Region One, and CID Reports Office. This case is the third case of murder this week recorded in the division till now, for which the investigations are active by the police department.