Saint Catherine police held two with illegal weapon

Police department booked two individuals in Saint Catherine in case of possessing illegal weapon on Tuesday, 5 May,

Saint Catherine police held two with illegal weapon. Image Credit: WBAL-TV
Saint Catherine police held two with illegal weapon. Image Credit: WBAL-TV

Jamaica: The police department of Jamaica booked two individuals in Saint Catherine, as one more case of illegal weapon explored by the officers. The arrest of two accused with possession of an unauthorised firearm and ammunition was recorded in the early dark of Tuesday, 5 May, around 3:30 am.

As per the reports, the action against the criminal act and seizing an illegal weapon was taken by the local section of the Jamaica Constabulary force, that is, the Saint Catherine police department. The incident came to light while a team of assigned officers were on a regular patrol of the area under their jurisdiction.

At nearly 3:30 am on the day, the police officers were on duty around the locality along the Braes River main road in Saint Catherine, a parish of Jamaica located in the southeastern part of the island. During the regular patrol, the officers on duty were also conducting a stop and search exercise on suspicious motor vehicles at the location.

It is mentioned that the officer in action during the patrol spotted a suspicious motor vehicle travelling along the road. The suspicious vehicle was a Toyota Fielder motor car which was held by the officers. The police signalled the driver to stop the car in the way after which the search of the motor vehicle was conducted.

After the motor vehicle stopped, the police officers gave their formal introduction and mentioned the motive to stop them in the way. It was observed by officers that the motor car was occupied by two individuals among whom one was driving and the other was in the passenger seat. The individuals were asked to cooperate with the officers while they were doing their duty.

After the search was conducted of the motor vehicle, it is mentioned in the statement by Saint Catherine police that the officers on duty found an illegal weapon. The officers recovered, a pistol of 9 mm by Smith and Wesson with a magazine. The pistol magazine was loaded with thirteen counts of 9 mm ammunition which was collected from between the front seat space.

Straight after the discovery of the prohibited weapon, the police officers conducted an inquiry from the two suspects travelling in the car. The officers asked the suspects for the license and authority to carry a lethal weapon with them, which the two men failed to disclose.

Immediately the police officers handcuffed both individuals and arrested them after which they were taken into custody. The illegal firearm and ammunition discovered in the search were seized by the police officers as evidence of the case. The proceedings are carried forward against the suspect for possessing an illegal lethal weapon and ammunition without any authority.