Mayaro woman granted bail in fraud and larceny case

Accused woman of Mayaro granted bail by court against a sum of $65,000 as surety in case of fraud and larceny of 2023.

Mayaro woman granted bail in fraud and larceny case.
Mayaro woman granted bail in fraud and larceny case.

Trinidad and Tobago: An accused woman of Mayaro granted bail by the court against a sum of sixty five thousand in surety in the case of fraud and larceny against a 66-year-old pensioner last year 2023. The woman was laid with charges for the offences committed by her including larceny of twenty five hundred dollars.

The accused woman of fraud and larceny was disclosed as a resident of a locality along Nurse Street at Guayaguayare in Mayaro, a town in the southeastern part of Trinidad. The woman is 38 years old and is known by her documented name Crystal Vikki.

As per the reports, the criminal act of fraud and larceny in Mayaro came to light when the victim an old man noticed the discrepancies in his bank account. After observing the issue with his account in a commercial bank on 05 October 2023, he raised the issue which led to the investigation by the authorities.

The case was reported to the law enforcement unit after which the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Mayaro took the matter under their observation. The investigation was launched to trace the issue with financial transactions related to the case of potential fraud.

It is mentioned that the authorities issued warrants to execute the proceedings related to the two commercial banks situated branch in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. It is said that the investigation officers collected some crucial information and clues from the banks leading the case in a fine direction.

With the further assistance of the Fraud Squad East Office, the investigating team of Mayaro Crime Investigation Department found the accused woman involved in the fraud and larceny case. The woman held under the offences committed by her and later laid with relevant charges after proceedings.

The accused woman was laid with seven charges in total among which five count of charges were related to the fraudulent use of a bank card and the other two were of larceny of a sum amount of around twenty five hundred dollars.

When the woman was taken for the virtual appearance of the court for hearing under the same charges for the offence, she pleaded not guilty. After hearing the augment, Master Shabaana Shah granted her bail against the surety of sixty five thousand dollars.

Reportedly, She was also ordered to not to communicate with the old man and mark  her presence by reporting to the local police station two times a week. The next appearance for further proceedings in the case against the accused woman is scheduled to be on Thursday, 16 May.