Diego Martin: shooting against father left daughter injured

A shooting attack targeted at father left daughter injured on her right shoulder in front of their home in Diego Martin 05 June.

Diego Martin: shooting against father left daughter injured.
Diego Martin: shooting against father left daughter injured.

Trinidad and Tobago: A shooting attack targeted at a 39-year-old man left his daughter injured on her right shoulder in front of their home in Diego Martin. The 12-year-old girl was with her father in the motor car on which firing was launched by the suspect on the evening of Wednesday, 05 June, around 08:10 pm.

The injured girl in the shooting attack in Diego Martin is named Zarah Awai, as per the documents, while the actual target of the armed assailant was her father, known as Lasana Awai. Both the father and the daughter live in the neighbourhood of Cascade Crescent along Bagatelle Road in Diego Martin. Diego Martin is a northwestern town situated in Trinidad.

As per the information circulated about the incident, the shooting was launched by a suspect who was waiting for the target outside his house. The suspect was carrying a firearm, which he used to attack the man and injure his daughter. As the targeted man arrived at his home in his motor car and was entering his yard, the assailant appeared and started firing on the vehicle.

Lasana Awai spotted the assailant with a firearm approaching him while he was still inside his vehicle. As the shooting started, Lasana Awai immediately made an attempt to flee from the place in order to which he rushed his motor car. However, the vehicle suffered several gunshots, among which one bullet made its way to his daughter, who got injured in the act.

After making a successful escape to save his life, Lasana stopped the vehicle at some distance, after which he checked his daughter. The victim girl was found bleeding from the wound she got from the gunshot on her right shoulder. The father immediately rushed the motor vehicle on the way to the hospital to provide her daughter with medical help.

Reportedly, while the father was driving along the Diego Martin Highway proceeding south, the tire of the motor car got flat. The issue made the man stop in the vicinity of the Crystal Stream traffic lights. The victim girl was bleeding, and to provide her medical assistance, the father contacted the emergency health services and the police department.

Subsequently, the man managed to get help, and her injured daughter was taken to the Saint James Medical Complex. The injured girl in the Diego Martin shooting case was admitted and treated for injury on her right shoulder. Later, the young girl was reported to be stabilised, after which she was transferred to the Mt Hope Children’s Hospital for treatment of her critical condition.

From the law enforcement authority the response was made by the officers from the Carenage and Four Roads Crime Investigation Department. Cpl Benjamin and PC Jack, along with the team, took charge of the case and responded to the situation. Whereas Pc Brown from Western Division CSI seized the crime scene and conducted an investigation, which recovered twelve counts of 9 mm bullet shells from the shooting site of Diego Martin.